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   9:55 Jdude420 test
   Holy cow, I haven't been on chat here in months. :P
   10:02 Obi the LEGO Fan :P
   Jdude, if you want to catch up, we're reading 1 John
   10:04 Jdude420 Okay.
   Lemme find my phone.
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   10:05 Obi the LEGO Fan Shadow :D
   10:06 Shadowfax123 Hi Obi! ^-^
   Is that Jdude? :o
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   10:06 PinguBonScott Hey JUDE
   10:06 Shadowfax123 Hey Ping! ^-*
   10:06 PinguBonScott Sup
   Shadoo ^-^
   10:06 Obi the LEGO Fan Pingu!
   10:06 Jdude420 It's the ghost of Jdude's past.
   10:07 PinguBonScott O-bee o/
   10:07 Jdude420 Hey, Ping and SF! :D
   10:07 Shadowfax123 o/
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   10:08 PinguBonScott Rio o/
   10:08 Riolu777 SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
   10:08 Shadowfax123 Hey Rio! ^-^
   10:08 Riolu777 :3
   10:08 Obi the LEGO Fan :D
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   10:10 Jdude420 o/
   10:10 Riolu777 Hey, Harold. o/
   10:10 Harold89 Hey hey hey, it's Faaat Albert \o
   10:10 PinguBonScott Right harold
   10:10 Obi the LEGO Fan Harold /o
   10:10 Harold89 Sorry, reliving old cartoons. :P
   10:10 PinguBonScott I can't really know about the fat bit tho
   * :P
   10:10 Shadowfax123 Hi Harold! ^-^
   10:11 Harold89 Shadow, haven't seen you in eons \o
   What, PBS? :P
   10:11 Obi the LEGO Fan So, we're reading 1 John. Since we didn't spend that much time on it before, we should discuss chapter 2.
   10:11 Riolu777 Shoot, my Bible 's upstairs. BRB. :P
   10:12 Shadowfax123 I know it's been a while.
   (Reading now)
   10:12 PinguBonScott *Haz le internetz give him le chapter cuz le bible is in spanish xD
   10:12 Jdude420 :P
   10:13 Obi the LEGO Fan Oh and Rio, guess what?
   10:13 Riolu777 Back. What is it?
   10:13 Obi the LEGO Fan The Glitch Mob's new album is on iTunes Radio (blockface)
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   10:14 Jdude420 Obi likes TGM. O_O
   Nu way.
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   10:14 Riolu777 IKR Jdude.
   My bro listened to it and said it sucked. :p
   10:14 Jdude420 That is so.... weird.
   10:14 Madkatmaximus96 :P "Happy new year"
   10:14 Obi the LEGO Fan There's too many songs featuring singers
   10:14 Madkatmaximus96 :P #February
   10:15 Ihaveawiixboxds Electronic music is best without vocals. :P
   10:15 Obi the LEGO Fan But the other ones are pretty good :P
   10:15 Jdude420 Many times, Wii. :P
   Not always though. :P
   10:15 Riolu777 Wii, most of that Savant album is explicit. :p
   10:15 Madkatmaximus96 :P Not really, there are a lot of good electronic songs with vocals
   10:15 Ihaveawiixboxds Riolu, only one song is. :P
   10:15 Riolu777 But there are some really good songs on it. :P
   10:15 Jdude420 Aww crud, my Mom is in.
   10:15 Ihaveawiixboxds Or maybe 2...
   10:15 Shadowfax123 Hi Wii Hi Mad o.
   10:15 Madkatmaximus96 :P I agree that SOME electronic is better without vocals, but not all of it
   10:15 Shadowfax123 * o/
   10:15 Jdude420 I may have to stop procrastinating. :P
   And leave. D:
   10:15 Madkatmaximus96 :P :P
   10:15 Riolu777 No, Wii, I listened to the whole thing on Spotify, and at least five were. :P
   10:15 Obi the LEGO Fan No Jdude D;
   10:16 Ihaveawiixboxds Either way, the best ones don't even have lyrics. :{P
   10:16 Madkatmaximus96 :P Savant is epic.
   10:16 Obi the LEGO Fan So
   Everyone have their Bibles?
   10:17 Riolu777 Yes.
   10:17 Ihaveawiixboxds Uh, I just came here because someone linked me, I guess I could go get mine. :P
   10:18 PinguBonScott John 2 <wii
   Ihaveawiixboxds has gone to do "IRL things"... (er)
   10:18 PinguBonScott or not
   10:18 Obi the LEGO Fan So we're reading 1 John... We technically did the first two chapters, but we didn't discuss chapter 2 that much. So let's go over it.
   10:20 Shadowfax123 I'm almost done reading. :P
   10:22 Riolu777 Alrighty.
   10:28 Shadowfax123 I'm done, sorry I took so long!
   10:29 PinguBonScott it's k
   10:29 Obi the LEGO Fan So, everyone ready?
   10:29 PinguBonScott I am
   10:30 Riolu777 Yes.
   10:31 Obi the LEGO Fan So, shall we discuss it?
   10:31 Riolu777 Sure.
   10:32 Shadowfax123 I'm ready :)
   10:32 Obi the LEGO Fan So, what stood out to you guys when you read it?
   10:33 Riolu777 I very much find 9-11 to be important.
   10:33 Harold89 gtg \o
   10:33 Shadowfax123 I agree Rio.
   10:33 PinguBonScott agreed
   10:33 Shadowfax123 Bye Harold! o/
   Harold89 has gone to do "IRL things"... (er)
   10:34 Obi the LEGO Fan Yes, I agree too.
   It's important to realize that hatred is a very serious thing.
   Serious enough to cut us off from God.
   10:35 Shadowfax123 It reminds me of another verse that said something like, If you have a grudge with someone, go and make up with them before you go to worship God.
   10:36 Obi the LEGO Fan Wasn't that in Matthew 5? (thinking)
   10:36 Shadowfax123 I think so!
   I meant what you said though. xD
   10:36 Obi the LEGO Fan Yeah.
   Madkatmaximus96 :P has gone to do "IRL things"... (er)
   10:38 Shadowfax123 15-17 Is a good section too.
   "The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever."
   10:39 Riolu777 It defines "love" in that passage as a love that supersedes that of love for God, correct?
   10:39 Obi the LEGO Fan I love that, verse 17.
   10:39 Shadowfax123 I think that's right Rio. Obi?
   10:39 Riolu777 It's not just condemning, like, loving a person or a song or a flower, and so on?
   10:40 Obi the LEGO Fan Probably, an idolatrous love.
   No, not at all.
   "The world" in that passage, according to my study Bible , refers to the realm of sin specifically.
   10:41 Riolu777 Ahh, I see.
   10:41 Shadowfax123 My mom told me that when we admire Gods creation, like beautiful flowers and mountains, or you think about how much you love someone, it's like worshiping God.
   10:41 Obi the LEGO Fan God wants us to love each other, and to appreciate the beauty of creation. :3
   10:41 Shadowfax123 By admiring his work we're glorifying Him. :)
   10:41 Riolu777 OK. :3
   10:42 PinguBonScott Oh, Makes sense :3
   10:43 Obi the LEGO Fan It's interesting how it defines antichrists as anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ.
   Virtual Grue has joined the chat. Say 'hello' everyone! :3
   10:43 Shadowfax123 I found that interesting as well. :o
   10:43 Obi the LEGO Fan Hi Grue /o
   10:44 Shadowfax123 I used to think there was only one in Revelation.
   Hi o/
   10:44 Virtual Grue Sorry if I'm jumping into something right here.
   10:44 Obi the LEGO Fan There seems to be one in Revelation, too.
   10:44 Riolu777 Well, I suppose "antichrist" means opposite of Christ. Probably relationally as well.
   10:44 Obi the LEGO Fan You're welcome to join, or to watch, or whatever you like!
   We're just discussing 1 John 2 right now.
   10:44 Virtual Grue Thank you. I've been watching this place for a while, I thought it would be nice since I like to discuss this stuff as well.
   10:45 Obi the LEGO Fan Yeah, Rio. It basically means "against Christ".
   10:45 Riolu777 And he did say that anyone not for him was against him.
   10:45 Shadowfax123 I love how Paul boils it down to, Anyone who denies Jesus is the Christ.
   10:46 Obi the LEGO Fan I think you mean John?
   But yeah, he makes it pretty straightforward.
   10:47 Shadowfax123 Oops John yes (XP)
   10:48 Virtual Grue Paul kinda tends to have long sentences. John doesn't, much. :P
   10:49 Obi the LEGO Fan It seems to emphasis, throughout the passage, that Christians should be marked by righteousness.
   10:50 PinguBonScott agreed with obi
   10:50 Shadowfax123 :P
   10:50 Virtual Grue Not just marked by righteousness, but living as a righteous person as well.
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   Riolu777 has joined the chat. Say 'hello' everyone! :3
   10:51 Virtual Grue Hi Rio and AG. :P
   10:51 Obi the LEGO Fan Right, but the way to tell if they are living as a righteous person is by their actions.
   10:51 Shadowfax123 o/ Rio, AG
   10:51 Obi the LEGO Fan Hi AG, WB Rio
   So...those seem like the highlights of this chapter.
   Anything else you guys want to discuss there?
   Riolu777 has gone to do "IRL things"... (er)
   Riolu777 has joined the chat. Say 'hello' everyone! :3
   10:55 Shadowfax123 Not at the moment, how about you?
   10:56 AG-SYSTEMS I think I'm good.
   10:56 Obi the LEGO Fan I think we covered it.
   10:58 AG-SYSTEMS * AG-SYSTEMS is out! (PEACE)
   10:58 Virtual Grue Oh, I found the time for the Bible studies. This will help. Now I know when to come instead of just barging in... :P
   It's an emote! Awesome!
   10:58 Riolu777 Haha, no worries, Grue.
   10:58 Shadowfax123 I hope the times on the announcement are accurate!
   It says 8 PST right? :)
   AG-SYSTEMS has gone to do "IRL things"... (er)
   10:59 Virtual Grue Yeah, for me 10:00.
   10:59 Shadowfax123 You aren't barging in anyway. xD
   10:59 Virtual Grue Well, I should go...
   10:59 Shadowfax123 Okay, I just wanted to make sure.
   10:59 Riolu777 See ya, Grue.
   11:00 Obi the LEGO Fan Bye Grue!
   11:00 Shadowfax123 Bye, Grue o/
   Virtual Grue has gone to do "IRL things"... (er)
   11:02 Shadowfax123 I have to go. :(
   11:02 Jdude420 Back.
   11:02 Shadowfax123 Bye all, God bless! o/
   11:02 Jdude420 Aww, man. Over ain't it?
   11:02 Riolu777 Aww, Shadow. :c
   11:02 Jdude420 Bye SF! D: Email me sometime!
   11:02 Shadowfax123 Your timing is terrible Jdude!!! :P
   11:02 Obi the LEGO Fan Bye, Shadow!
   11:02 Riolu777 Bye, Shadow!
   11:02 Jdude420 I see that, SF. :P
   11:02 Shadowfax123 Bye! o/
   11:02 Obi the LEGO Fan God bless /o
   11:02 Shadowfax123 I will Jdude!
   Obi, Ping, Rio, Jdude, bye o/
   11:03 PinguBonScott Bye o/
   11:03 Riolu777 Guess I'll go do the rest of my school now. :P
   11:03 Jdude420 o/
   11:03 Riolu777 See y'all, God bless. o/
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   11:03 PinguBonScott Rio, what's your top score at Flappy bird?