Wolfasa Serbia 1990s
google it
Catholics killed thousands
10:04 Boat2015 Should the USA not be involved in the meaningless murder of their citizens? :P
10:04 Obi the LEGO Fan I'm not calling anyone a bigot, I'm just saying bigots usually support violence, and by extension, war.
10:04 Boat2015 Let alone, Christians? :P
10:04 I'mDivergent serbia is a cool word
10:04 Riolu777 What, no, Obi, I wasn't talking about you. :P
10:05 Wolfasa Nehp go die in a hole
10:05 Madkatmaximus TENNIS
10:05 Riolu777 ALL HAIL SERBIA
10:05 Legofrodo12 XD
10:05 I'mDivergent Not as cool anymore
10:05 Riolu777 I have yet to learn their national anthem.
10:05 Obi the LEGO Fan IK Rio, just felt like clarifying
10:05 Riolu777 But when I do
10:05 Jdude420 Ug, the whole..., never-mind, I don't got time for that. :P
10:05 Riolu777 I'm going to scream it out wherever I go
10:05 Madkatmaximus yes rio
10:05 Jdude420 Rio, you saden me.
10:05 Madkatmaximus you do that man
10:05 Jdude420 *sadden
10:05 WizemanII Mishy? Christians have a RIGHT TO FIGHT? =O
10:05 Jdude420 My parents are watching Sherlock. XD
10:05 I'mDivergent lol
I never watched that show
10:06 Madkatmaximus you tennis lovin weed smokin coloradoan
10:06 Riolu777 My mom is going to watch it sometime soon and I'm tempted to join her. :P
10:06 Boat2015 I like Sherlock. :P
10:06 Obi the LEGO Fan I think I'll do universal reconciliation
10:06 Riolu777 *Coloradan
gg Obi
10:06 Madkatmaximus whatever
10:06 Boat2015 Obi, if you don't mind email me it anyways. :P
I like reading your stuff. <3
10:06 Jdude420 what view would you take on war, obi? :P
10:06 I'mDivergent Obi wat does that even mean
10:06 Madkatmaximus Me too. LO
10:06 Jdude420 per Klint :P
10:06 Mishkaiel @Wize yes, actually. God commanded the Israelites to kill all of the men, women, children, and livestock when they went into the Promised Land
10:06 Riolu777 Jdude, how do you not know Obi's stance on war
10:06 Boat2015 if you do not remember. :P
10:06 Mishkaiel also, have you heard of Sergeant York?
10:07 Jdude420 i have crafty memory, rio
10:07 I'mDivergent Cipher Brony =)
Wolfasa has gone home to rethink their life...
10:07 Obi the LEGO Fan Div, universal reconciliation is the view that all people will eventually be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, a corollary of which is a temporary hell
10:07 Obi the LEGO Fan which is teleologically redemptive
10:07 Mishkaiel ^^^
10:07 Luke McSwagger99 ik who Srgnt York was ;p
10:07 Obi the LEGO Fan Jdude: I loathe war with every fiber of my being
10:08 I'mDivergent you lost me at corollary
10:08 Jdude420 Ah :P
10:08 WizemanII @ mishy: I love seargent york =D
10:08 Mishkaiel yes
10:08 Obi the LEGO Fan Do you need a definition of corollary or an explanation of why the two beliefs are connected?
10:08 I'mDivergent well
10:08 WizemanII However I do not right now feel that christians should fight
10:08 Mishkaiel he was a Christian, yet he fought in WWII
10:08 Riolu777 yes Obi write that paper
10:08 Jdude420 I think that war is of course stupid, but given the world we live in it happens, and that it's fine for Christians to fight in wars.
10:08 Riolu777 I wanna read it.
10:08 I'mDivergent i don't really care
10:08 Boat2015 Same Rio
10:09 WizemanII I am not saying that york was wrong though
10:09 Riolu777 That's weird logic, Jdude. :P
Saying that because it happens it's okay to partake in it.
10:09 Mishkaiel well, Wize, we are commanded to obey our government too, and Romans 13:4 says: "… F or it [government] is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath upon the one who practices evil." (Romans 13:4)
10:09 WizemanII My parents take both sides
10:09 Jdude420 Defending your country, Rio.
10:09 Mishkaiel Nowhere does the Bible say that believers should not join the military and thus, should not participate in defending their country.
10:09 Boat2015 I would have no problem shooting and killing a member of ISIS as a Christian. :P
10:09 WizemanII But then you would have to determine... Is killing a sin
10:09 Obi the LEGO Fan IF there was ever a just war, it would be the Dutch War for Independence. :P
10:09 I'mDivergent That "F or" is bugging me more than it should
10:09 Jdude420 In that case I use "wonky" logic, Rio. :P
10:09 Mishkaiel Murder is sin
but not killing
10:10 I'mDivergent flawless
10:10 Mishkaiel if killing is sin, then why would God tell us to enforce Capital Punishment?
10:10 Riolu777 well I'd rather die than kill someone in "defense of my country" which really has no hold on me in the end so
10:10 Obi the LEGO Fan But I don't think war can ever be just; war is always a tragedy
10:10 Riolu777 but that's my view on it
10:10 WizemanII Concider that as both sides have both christians and unbelievers....
10:10 Mishkaiel and why would God kill people?
10:10 Riolu777 God tells us to enforce capital punishment?
10:10 WizemanII If I kill someone in war I am eighther killing a brother or sending someone to hell
10:10 Jdude420 How about people fighting for their freedom, Obi? :P
10:10 WizemanII Godcommanded that only in the OT
10:11 I'mDivergent What about the War of Naboo? (Derp2)
10:11 Mishkaiel Ecclesiastes 3:8 declares, “There is…a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.”
10:11 Obi the LEGO Fan Jdude, I would much rather be not free than kill someone who is probably going to hell
10:11 Jdude420 lol div
10:11 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish: Ecclesiastes also says that life is meaningless
10:11 Mishkaiel Christians should not desire war, but neither are Christians to oppose the government God has placed in authority over them (Romans 13:1-4; 1 Peter 2:17).
10:11 I'mDivergent Is it wrong that I don't care if I kill someone or not as long as it's not intentional
10:11 Obi the LEGO Fan The early Christians didn't oppose the government, but neither did they fight in war
10:12 Riolu777 Yeah Mish, nazi Germany, that was a great government that God put in place
10:12 WizemanII Yet how can you call killing somethinggood?
10:12 Obi the LEGO Fan In fact, the early Church was opposed to war for hundreds of years
Until they gained political power
10:12 Mishkaiel slow down people, one question at a time
10:12 Jdude420 I mean, say you live in an oppressive country, a rebellion takes place, would you participate if that rebellion was a movement whose actions were "good" (like they only fought when they had to, didn't steal stuff, ect.)?
10:12 Obi the LEGO Fan and the Eastern Orthodox Church never embraced just war theory
10:12 I'mDivergent JD you see the Agent Carter last night?
10:13 WizemanII I do not know what is right but, I would rather be safe and say that killing is wronng
10:13 Kydle Killing is based off of why it happened. War is war - if the killing is for the greater good by God, then it is so. If it is for vengeance, envy, etc. it is sinful.
10:13 WizemanII Should we do this in PM mishy?
10:13 Boat2015 I would not kill by choice. :P
10:13 Jdude420 watched it with myparents, div :P
10:13 I'mDivergent *kills klint*
I still need to see it D:
10:13 WizemanII @kyd: that is actually a good point =D
10:13 I'mDivergent It's the last one right?
10:13 Obi the LEGO Fan I would probably not partake in that rebellion, Klint
10:14 Boat2015 Jdude* i said nothin about a rebellion :P
10:14 Obi the LEGO Fan My freedom is not worth someone's life
10:14 Mishkaiel about Ecclesiastes, it is not literal, it is a book on perspective.
10:14 Jdude420 how about if someone invades your home and is going to hurt someone in your family, or yourself, would you defend yourself with a gun?
I can see your point, Obi.
10:14 I'mDivergent depends who it was
10:14 Riolu777 I'd incapacitate the person but not kill them.
10:14 Boat2015 Shooting to wound and not to kill, Jdude. :P
what Rio said
10:14 Obi the LEGO Fan You're right, it's not literal; and the passage about "there's a time for everything" is not prescriptive, it's descriptive. All sorts of crap happens. But that doesn't mean it's good
10:14 Jdude420 Honestly, I haven't thought about/debated/pondered the topic as much as I'd like to have.
10:14 Kydle Yes, that is self-defense.
10:14 I'mDivergent no it's not
you're defending someone else not yourself
10:15 Jdude420 i agree
10:15 Obi the LEGO Fan If someone invaded my house for real, I would not be able to get my guns out fast enough
10:15 WizemanII you make good points ogi =D
10:15 Boat2015 xD
I have 4 guns next to my bed. :P
10:15 WizemanII *obi
10:15 I'mDivergent idk where my dad even keeps my gun
10:15 Jdude420 I sleep next to my 9mm with two fully loaded 15 round clips :P
10:15 Boat2015 17 HMR, 20 gauge, 25 alt 6 and a pistol. :P
10:15 Riolu777 Good Lord.
10:15 WizemanII My Dad wont get a gun (fp)
10:15 Madkatmaximus murica
10:15 Obi the LEGO Fan But if I did happen to have a loaded gun for some random reason, then I would probably shoot them to stop them from killing my family, and then call 911 and hope they could save the criminal
10:15 Boat2015 I also have a machete and 2 knives under my bed. :P
10:15 Jdude420 soon ill have a compact 9mm and a 12ga
sleep next to em too :P
10:16 I'mDivergent My Dad's friend gave me a gun at my baby shower.
10:16 Riolu777 WHAT THE HECK DIV
10:16 Jdude420 agreed obi
10:16 Obi the LEGO Fan Jdude, holy crap
10:16 Jdude420 I have the loaded clips next to the gun. :P
10:16 Riolu777 Good grief, why do you guys need to have all of these firearms next to you? :P
10:16 Obi the LEGO Fan Oh
10:16 Jdude420 not in the gun, but ready :P
10:16 I'mDivergent wth
10:16 Madkatmaximus ikr rio
10:16 Obi the LEGO Fan Not quite as bad, but still
10:16 Boat2015 Mine are for hunting and target shooting. :P
10:16 Riolu777 Is it to make up for some self-perceived shortcoming in your masculinity
or what
10:16 Boat2015 I just keep them in my room for ease of access. :P
10:16 Obi the LEGO Fan My guns are in bags in closets separate from ammo, which is locked in a box
10:16 Jdude420 lol, no, i wouldnt leave a loaded gun lying around with the clip in it :P
10:17 Mishkaiel If somebody I knew was in danger, or if I were in danger, and would probably die or get seriously injured, then I would not hesitate to kill them if it was the only available course of action
10:17 Madkatmaximus i mean hey if you're into guns but like
10:17 Boat2015 I do have a gunsafe just saying. :P
10:17 Riolu777 I don't even own a gun. :P
10:17 I'mDivergent *guy sneaks in through JD's room and sees gun laying there* *genius*
10:17 Boat2015 ^^^^ XD
Guy shoots Jdude with his own gun
10:17 Jdude420 if i lived in the city id be a different story :P
10:17 I'mDivergent you're one to talk "4 guns next to my bed" :p
10:17 Legofrodo12 Guns are awesome
10:17 Jdude420 i live in the middle of freaking knowwhere, in an upstairs bedroom with one exit/enter :P
10:17 Obi the LEGO Fan AFK for a while
10:17 Boat2015 I have them in a safe Div. :P
A passcoded safe. :P
10:18 I'mDivergent I went to a hotel that had a passcoded safe
10:18 Jdude420 id probably put the rest of my guns in a safe, no need for extra guns lying around that could be used against you :P
10:18 I'mDivergent I locked my sisters clothes in there and changed the code
10:19 Legofrodo12 Div... xD
10:19 Jdude420 not only that, i can literally reach my 9mm from my bed :P
10:19 Boat2015 I wish you could get gun permits earlier here
10:19 Jdude420 i doubt anyone would sneak up :P
10:19 I'mDivergent idk if I even got them out o.o
10:19 Boat2015 having to wait till 21 sucks. :P
10:19 Riolu777 what the heck people
10:19 Jdude420 ikr, klint, 21 here
10:19 Riolu777 Jdude, you're paranoid or something. :P
10:19 I'mDivergent "don't do alcohol"
10:19 Jdude420 but im moving to the state that has 18 as the limit when i go to university
so i can conceal carry XD
no, rio
im just..., prepared :P
10:20 Boat2015 Where you movin to Jdude? :P
10:20 Riolu777 Prepared
Like how people are prepared for the rapture
10:20 Jdude420 there were some mexican hooligans from a gang probably who were checking out the neighborhood a bit ago, i lie being prehapred :P
north dakota
best state ever
10:20 Boat2015 Oooo
10:20 Jdude420 *like
10:20 I'mDivergent /Mexican hooligans/
10:20 Riolu777 Fracking and Scandinavians everywhere
10:21 Jdude420 tis true rio
TONS of Germans
10:21 Boat2015 There's a university about 3 hours from me
I'll probably go there
10:21 Jdude420 in easther nd
but ill be in western
10:21 Riolu777 You can't spell, Jdude.
10:21 Jdude420 sucks i cant open carry in nd :P
10:21 I'mDivergent Is anyone seeing that "McFarland USA" move? It has a lot of Mexican looking people.
10:21 Jdude420 only concaled
i can open carry in mn tho, wtcrap
most days on caht, no riio
10:22 I'mDivergent >western
10:22 Jdude420 irl i can spell /okay/
10:22 Boat2015 We have tons of hispanics here. :P
10:22 Jdude420 :P
10:22 I'mDivergent amazing
10:22 Boat2015 Hispanic and african-gangster are the majority of people in the cities around me. :P
But in my town it's all rednecks. :P
10:22 I'mDivergent I live in like the most ghetto white state ever
10:22 Jdude420 their in a wee little group in this area and besides the cities in southern mn theres like none around here :P
10:22 I'mDivergent Or maybe it's just my city
10:22 Riolu777 I live in such a white neighborhood. :P
10:22 Jdude420 like, everyone is white :P
In western nd where my parents are from
10:23 I'mDivergent I live in WASHINGTON. Where everyone's white and does drugs. =)
10:23 Boat2015 Within 30 minutes almost everyone is white because it's a really southernish town
10:23 Riolu777 But then Denver is filled with minorities. There are loads of different ethnic sections here. It's cool going to the Asian markets. :P
10:23 Jdude420 you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wasn't white and didnt have german heritage :P
10:23 Legofrodo12 JD is starting to spell like me when I am tired. (derp3)
10:23 Boat2015 But once you get to the city it's all african-americans. :P
10:23 Obi the LEGO Fan back
10:23 Riolu777 We changed subjects completely, Obi.
10:24 I'mDivergent I have like the most ghetto white kids at my school.
10:24 Jdude420 ive seen like four asians in the state i live in and nd in my entire life :P
10:24 Obi the LEGO Fan
10:24 Legofrodo12 Dagn JD xD
10:24 I'mDivergent This girl has to go to court since she got expelled for drugs.
10:24 Boat2015 We have a decent amount of asians here. :P
10:24 Riolu777 Lots of Asians here.
10:24 Obi the LEGO Fan I see easily 20+ Asians a day
10:24 Madkatmaximus ohio is weird
or at least where i live
10:24 Boat2015 You're in CA though Obi :P
10:24 Madkatmaximus it's literally all white people
10:24 Jdude420 and 95% of all the blacks and hispaics were all within a half hour fo here that ive seen in those two states :P
10:24 I'mDivergent And IK someone from my school who took 8 pills and is the the hospital now. =)
10:25 Obi the LEGO Fan Yes, I live in a very diverse area :p
10:25 Madkatmaximus i've seen 5 non white people in my one and a half years living here
10:25 Jdude420 i live in a highy diverse area too, but its like just a 45 miles circle :P
10:25 Legofrodo12 I see tones of East Indian people daily
10:25 Riolu777 Colorado's governor was the only one at the time who denounced the Japanese internment camps during WWII and there's like a statue of him downtown in the middle of the Asian neighborhood, and there's supposedly a lot of them here now because of that.
10:25 Jdude420 lol, mad
10:25 Boat2015 All my friends are Caucasian-American except one Russian and one African-American :P
My Russian friend is a joke. :P
10:26 I'mDivergent In my state everyone is either really white, really black or Mexican.
Then we have those white Asians.
10:26 Jdude420 until i went to college minus driving in the local town i probably saw only a couple dozen blacks, hispains, and asians total a year :P
10:26 Boat2015 Everyone here is very tan because we have insane summers. :P
10:26 Obi the LEGO Fan (ys)
10:26 Boat2015 The only way you aren't tanned is if you stay inside 90% of the day. :P
10:26 Luke McSwagger99 like me :P
10:26 Boat2015 Hispains
10:26 Jdude420 oops :P
10:26 Boat2015 That's uber racist. :P
10:27 Jdude420 i cant spell :P
10:27 Luke McSwagger99 i'm fairly tan anyway tho
10:27 Jdude420 I have a Bosnia friend. :P
10:27 Riolu777 Jdude, you're going to cause geopolitical fallout one of these days.
10:27 I'mDivergent JD is a hispain (ud)
10:27 Riolu777 *Bosnian
10:27 Madkatmaximus xD
10:27 Jdude420 His parents fled the country in the 90's, and he has nine siblings. :P
10:28 Boat2015 My area is nice though. :P
I do kinda wanna move when I'm older, tho. :P
10:28 Riolu777 I love my area.
Colorado and Hawaii are literally the only states in the US I could live in. :P
10:28 Boat2015 Either to Oxford MS or somewhere up East
10:28 Madkatmaximus Where I live sucks. :P
10:28 Jdude420 mine has lots of blone, blue-eyed norweigien 'rednecks'
10:29 Obi the LEGO Fan Norwegians aren't rednecks... :P
10:29 Jdude420 Colorado and Hawaii are two states very, very high on the list of states I never want to live in permanently.
10:29 Boat2015 I'd really like to live in the VA country. :P
10:29 Jdude420 there are obi
10:29 Boat2015 Its so pretty there. :P
10:29 Jdude420 *these
10:29 Obi the LEGO Fan As a Dane I object to that :|
10:29 Riolu777 Wow, Jdude. :O
* :P
10:29 Madkatmaximus Norwegians are the only people on earth more metal Bulgarians. :P
* more metal than
10:29 Jdude420 I love CO as like geographically and scenically, but politically it sucks
I'mDivergent has gone home to rethink their life...
10:29 Obi the LEGO Fan Scandinavians cannot be rednecks :P
10:29 Boat2015 If it was nearer to a city I'd establish a new location for my dads company but unfortunately it's all fields. :P
10:30 Riolu777 Jdude, CO Springs is so conservative it's not even funny.
10:30 Jdude420 these are just scandinavian originas :P
10:30 Riolu777 You can get either side of politics here. :P
10:30 Jdude420 yeah, i know rio :P
10:30 WizemanII TEST
10:30 Kydle FAIL
10:30 Mishkaiel hi people
what's up?
10:30 Obi the LEGO Fan Well, obviously Rio. That's where James Dobson lives (derp)
10:30 Jdude420 but eh major petropoitan areas are mostly uber liveral
10:30 Boat2015 But all my friends live here and I couldnt bare moving away. :P
10:30 Legofrodo12 Norwegians, Mish
10:30 Kydle THE GRASS
10:30 Boat2015 I know like 50 people in this state. :P
10:30 Mishkaiel um, ok
10:30 Obi the LEGO Fan Redneck: a working-class white person, especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area
10:30 Riolu777 Well of course, Jdude.
10:30 Obi the LEGO Fan lol
10:30 WizemanII PMs are not working?
10:31 Mishkaiel I'm posting to you, Wize
you don't see?
10:31 Riolu777 And those crazy parents who wrote that one child discipline book, Obi
10:31 Mishkaiel hm...
10:31 Riolu777 I think
10:31 Obi the LEGO Fan Ew really?
The pearls?
10:31 Mishkaiel ACK
10:31 Riolu777 Yeah, them
10:31 Mishkaiel FF HAS 200 POSTS
10:31 Boat2015 Michael Pearl? :P
10:31 Riolu777 I'm pretty darn sure they live there
10:31 WizemanII <y posts to you mishy will not show up?
10:31 Boat2015 If so I read his book. :P
10:31 Obi the LEGO Fan Klint, did you throw up
10:31 WizemanII @kyd: My post wont show up ;P
10:32 Riolu777 And then burn it
10:32 WizemanII Can you see it?
10:32 Madkatmaximus michael pearl lol :P
10:32 Boat2015 It was quite disappointing. :P
10:32 Riolu777 quite
10:32 Obi the LEGO Fan That book inspired legit child abuse
10:32 Boat2015 I think he took it way too seriously. :P
IK. :P
10:32 Jdude420 michael pearl xD
10:32 Riolu777 It's really really bad.
10:32 Boat2015 I mean, he could have made some points, but he took it to the extreme. :P
And ruined the whole point of it. :P
10:32 Jdude420 it wasnt quite as bad as some say :P
10:32 Boat2015 My parents read it as well and hated it. :P
10:32 Jdude420 it was taken wrong somewhat
but overall, yeah :P
10:33 Riolu777 Uh, it was really bad, Jdude. :P
10:33 Jdude420 per klint :P
10:33 Obi the LEGO Fan I probably won't have the heart to even spank my kids :P
10:33 Riolu777 Please don't try to justify it. :P
10:33 Jdude420 i meant what klint said :P
10:33 Madkatmaximus He didn't only ruin it, he ripped it to shreds, threw it in a grinder and buried it. :P
10:33 Riolu777 oh food
10:33 Jdude420 thats....., not good obi :P
10:33 Legofrodo12 xD
10:33 Boat2015 I'd be able to Obi. :P
10:33 Mishkaiel what's going on here?
I'm doing five things on two screens
10:33 Jdude420 I'd not want to, but I'd feel the need to have to. :P
10:33 Boat2015 I have a nasty temper and I already take it to myself to discipline my sisters. :P
10:33 Mishkaiel I can't keep up with conversation
10:33 Jdude420 Crap, I hope I can get married before 25.
regardless :P
10:34 Mishkaiel I used to be that way Boat
10:34 Jdude420 Klint (fp)
10:34 Obi the LEGO Fan I can't justify slapping the bare buttocks of a small child D:
10:34 Mishkaiel ;p
10:34 Jdude420 who said anything about 'em being bare, obi :P
10:34 Boat2015 I don't know what I am going to do relationship wise. :P
10:34 Mishkaiel they don't need to be bare, Jdude, for a grandma with a spoon :|
10:34 Jdude420 hopefully once i have my two majors and minor at 22 i can find a wife :P
10:34 Obi the LEGO Fan I'm just the kind of person who never intentionally inflicts pain on anyone
animal or human
10:34 Boat2015 I don't really need to worry about it now though :P
10:35 Mishkaiel My Grandma still has her wooden spoon in a drawer.. :|
10:35 Madkatmaximus same, obi
10:35 Boat2015 I'm only 16. :P
10:35 Mishkaiel I'm 18
10:35 Boat2015 I dont wanna get married till I'm at least 20
10:35 Legofrodo12 Except you're doing sabre, Obi. (as)
10:35 Jdude420 But shooting pesky racoons who eat crops is exciting. :P
10:35 Mishkaiel there are weird girls in my college
10:35 Jdude420 I'm 17.25 :P
10:35 Mishkaiel who freak me out
10:35 Jdude420 me too klint :P
10:35 Legofrodo12 I just turned 18. :P
10:35 Madkatmaximus I could care less about getting married right now. :P
10:35 Obi the LEGO Fan those weird girls though
10:35 Boat2015 I know lots of girls but I would not want to be in a relationship with any of them. ;P
10:35 Jdude420 i dont want a gf till im at least 20 :P
10:35 Boat2015 :P *
10:35 Mishkaiel is it weird if one of them continually texts me in the middle of the night?
10:35 Obi the LEGO Fan are you still with Niko, Mad?
10:35 Legofrodo12 Guess Obi is ignoring the fact that sabre is paingul. :P
10:35 Madkatmaximus no
10:35 Jdude420 i know and have met tons of weird girls at college
10:35 Boat2015 Theyre all exceptionally weird and it would be extremely awkward. :P
10:36 Obi the LEGO Fan Frodo, in sabre I didn't try to hurt people :P
10:36 Jdude420 lol, klint
10:36 Obi the LEGO Fan it is only painful if you hit reallyhard
10:36 Mishkaiel There are only two girls in my college right now xD
10:36 Legofrodo12 I am messing wiht you, Obi. xD
10:36 Jdude420 i know a few nice girls :P
10:36 Obi the LEGO Fan I know a lot of nice girls
10:36 Legofrodo12 Mish, what the heck xD
10:36 Boat2015 Oh, I know nice girls. :P
But none that I would ever want to go out with. :P
10:36 Jdude420 scrap that, i know a lot :P
10:36 Boat2015 I am very particular in my tastes. :P
10:36 Jdude420 THERE IS A DUDE
10:36 Mishkaiel wow
nice fact
10:37 Obi the LEGO Fan nice
10:37 Boat2015 Lol?
10:37 Mishkaiel even nicer fact
10:37 Boat2015 WHY. :P
10:37 Obi the LEGO Fan defying gender expectations :D
WizemanII has gone home to rethink their life...
10:37 Jdude420 he also has dimond earings
10:37 Mishkaiel he's weird
10:37 Jdude420 and loocks very much so from the ghetto
10:37 Obi the LEGO Fan that is amazing
10:37 Boat2015 Opinions on tattoos? :P
10:37 Jdude420 and i had to read his paper in peer review for english class
10:37 Legofrodo12 Wow JD XD
10:37 Boat2015 I want to get one but I have mixed feelings. :P
10:37 Legofrodo12 That's awesome xD
10:37 Mishkaiel oops..
10:37 Jdude420 it was about his bro's ex-weed dealer shooting up his house
10:37 Legofrodo12 In a deranged way xD
10:37 Mishkaiel refreshed the wrong tab xD
10:37 Jdude420 very legit
10:38 Obi the LEGO Fan tattoos are fine, I guess, but I could never get one, I would freak out
10:38 Jdude420 with tons of slong, horrible crammar, and swearing
10:38 Mishkaiel tattoos aren't fine
10:38 Legofrodo12 Oh my gosh JD XD
10:38 Madkatmaximus slong
10:38 Obi the LEGO Fan slong
10:38 Jdude420 i dislike tattoos
slong, lol
10:38 Legofrodo12 I don't like them either.
10:38 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish: why not
10:38 Legofrodo12 "slong" new word. (as)
10:38 Madkatmaximus idc about tattoos
10:38 Boat2015 I think it's weird but an interesting weird. :P
Derpulse has joined the chat. Say 'hello' everyone! :3
10:38 Boat2015 I am not set on getting one but I am considering it. :P
10:38 Madkatmaximus some tattoo art is freaking amazing
10:38 Kydle Imp o/
10:38 Boat2015 I wouldn't want a big one
10:38 Legofrodo12 Impy! :'D
10:39 Mishkaiel Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD” (Leviticus 19:28).
10:39 Boat2015 Just something on my wrist or upper arm. :P
10:39 Madkatmaximus >leviticus
10:39 Boat2015 Thanks for stating the obvious, LORD. :P
10:39 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish, um
10:39 Mishkaiel “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31)
10:39 Obi the LEGO Fan hate to break it to you, but we're not meant to follow levitical law any more
Luke McSwagger99 has gone home to rethink their life...
10:40 Mishkaiel “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”
10:40 Obi the LEGO Fan and people do have tattoos that glorify God
10:40 Jdude420 i just dont want the toxic ink in my blood, ew
10:40 Boat2015 If you got a tattoo signifying you were a Christian would it not be in the glory of God? :P
What Obi said. ;P
10:40 Madkatmaximus anyway gtg but might bbl
10:40 Mishkaiel If our bodies belong to God, we should make sure we have His clear “permission” before we “mark them up” with tattoos or body piercings.
10:40 Boat2015 Later. :P
10:40 Mishkaiel o/
10:40 Jdude420 o/
10:40 Legofrodo12 bye mad o/
10:40 Mishkaiel The New Testament does not command against tattoos or body piercings, but it also does not give us any reason to believe God would have us get tattoos or body piercings.
Derpulse has gone home to rethink their life...
10:40 Obi the LEGO Fan Everything belongs to God, it could be argued. So do we need His permission to mark up a piece of paper?
10:41 Mishkaiel An important scriptural principle on issues the Bible does not specifically address is if there is room for doubt whether it pleases God, then it is best not to engage in that activity. Romans 14:23 reminds us that anything that does not come from faith is sin.
10:41 Obi the LEGO Fan Yes, that's a good verse
if you can't get a tattoo in good conscience, don't
10:41 Mishkaiel God gave us the materials on this earth to do with what we want
10:41 Obi the LEGO Fan but don't condemn others for doing it when there is no clear commandment
10:41 Jdude420 i agree with obi
10:41 Boat2015 I wouldn't get one if I felt bad about it. :P
10:41 Jdude420 i also think its pretty much a matter of opinion, its not like a "dont do this" thing
10:41 Mishkaiel I'm not condemning, I'm just pointing out what the Bible says ;p
10:42 Obi the LEGO Fan The Bible doesn't say not to get tattoos.
10:42 Jdude420 per Obi
10:42 Mishkaiel but it does have principles
10:42 Jdude420 PER OBI so much, "but don't condemn others for doing it when there is no clear commandment "
I see that so much, gah.
10:42 Riolu777 Yeah, there's no commands against it.
10:42 Mishkaiel Tattoos are usually associated with bad things
10:42 Obi the LEGO Fan Yes, Mish, and the principles do not prohibit tattoos
10:42 Riolu777 Mish, you are using your opinion against tattoos and trying to fuel it with the Bible to make people feel bad about it.
That's not something you should be doing.
10:42 Obi the LEGO Fan How many people with tattoos do you know?
10:43 Jdude420 I agree with Obi and Rio.
10:43 Mishkaiel so why have a tattoo when somebody could see it and automatically associate you with bad things?
10:43 Obi the LEGO Fan I know a few, and some of them are very godly people
10:43 Boat2015 Pastor at I church I go to sometimes has a tattoo. :P
10:43 Jdude420 ...that's why you don't have 'bad' tatoos
10:43 Boat2015 2 elders do as well. :P
10:43 Jdude420 *tattoos
10:43 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish, if you think people are automatically associated with bad things because of tattoos, you are living in a very different culture than mine
10:43 Boat2015 He has LOVE tattoo'd across his fingers. :P
Derpulse has joined the chat. Say 'hello' everyone! :3
10:43 Mishkaiel no, I choose to be against tattoos because I read the Bible, and from what I read from the Bible, then tattoos are not what God would want us to have
10:43 Jdude420 Per Obi. :P
10:44 Obi the LEGO Fan Please don't presume to know what God wants us to have, when He doesn't say so
10:44 Boat2015 Gotta agree with Obs. :P
10:44 Obi the LEGO Fan Plus, lots of people get tattoos where they cannot be seen :p
10:44 Derpulse I've heard a preacher who had a tattoo (thinking)
10:44 Mishkaiel My pastor explained it the other day, much better than I am doing (UD)
10:44 Jdude420 Per Obi
Nehpets7000 has gone home to rethink their life...
10:45 Jdude420 It's not the tattoo that's wrong, it's if you have one that can/does symbolize something wrong, ya'know.
10:45 Boat2015 Hey, maybe we could bring up secular music again since not as many people are on. :P
And actually have a civilized conversation, UNLIKE last time. :P
10:45 Obi the LEGO Fan Trying to put words into God's mouth and add more rules to Christianity is a very bad idea, IMO. Each individual should think through the issue, decide whether they think it glorifies God, and make their own decision, when there is no clear commandment.
10:45 Jdude420 lol
10:45 Mishkaiel so basically you all think that if the Bible expressly says "Thou shalt not have a tattoo" in the NT, then its' not wrong?
10:45 Jdude420 what happened klint? :P
10:45 Boat2015 It was Mish vs 18 people. :P
10:45 Jdude420 PER ONI
10:46 Boat2015 18 angry people. :P
10:46 Obi the LEGO Fan No, Mish, I think that something is not wrong unless it is unloving
And tattoos are not unloving
10:46 Legofrodo12 The music debate was... Insane
10:46 Jdude420 Unless they mean something bad or unloving, Obi. :P
10:46 Derpulse Moooooo-sic
10:47 Obi the LEGO Fan Wait, what's wrong with secular music? :P
10:47 Boat2015 I will let Mish express his opinion on that. :P
I have nothing wrong with it. :P
10:47 Obi the LEGO Fan Contemporary Christian music is mostly awful
10:47 Boat2015 True. :P
10:48 Jdude420 Per Obi
10:48 Boat2015 I myself am not a fan of most contemp Christian
But some is ok
10:48 Obi the LEGO Fan Yeah
10:48 Jdude420 At least the last eight or so years of it.
10:48 Obi the LEGO Fan Newsboys, Keith Green, and For King and Country have some good stuff
10:48 Boat2015 MercyMe has had some good albums. :P
10:48 Jdude420 I'd rather listen to instrumental, bluegrass, or soft-contemporary like 90s stuff.
10:48 Boat2015 For King and Country is good. :P
10:48 Jdude420 agreed Obi
Casting Crows has some great stuff.
10:48 Mishkaiel guys, just a sec please
10:48 Boat2015 Indi is into them
10:49 Jdude420 I quite like CC.
10:49 Mishkaiel back to tattoos for a moment before moving on...
give me a moment to type please
10:49 Legofrodo12 Mishy doesn't like rock. 3:
10:49 Jdude420 I don't like Christian rock or rap though. :P
Like, at all. :P
10:49 Derpulse Rocky road.
10:49 Obi the LEGO Fan I love the Piano Guys, Glitch Mob, Pentatonix, and Crystal Castles
10:49 Derpulse :3
10:49 Jdude420 It's just....
10:49 Boat2015 I like AC/DC. :P
10:49 Jdude420 ug :P
10:49 Obi the LEGO Fan Some Christian rap is cool
10:49 Jdude420 Lindsey Strinling :P
10:49 Riolu777 CRYSTAL CASTLES
10:49 Jdude420 I have every single one of her songs. :P
10:49 Obi the LEGO Fan :D
10:50 Boat2015 TobyMac is garbage. :P
10:50 Jdude420 And most of TPG stuff :P
10:50 Obi the LEGO Fan Lecrae has some good stuff
10:50 Jdude420 AGREED KLINT
10:50 Mishkaiel if you were borrowing something, would you damage it intentionally? tattoos are damaging to the body, and our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost well, when a person becomes saved, then their body becomes the Holy Ghost's living quarters. He literally lives inside of us. We are not our own anymore. We can still control our own body yes, but it belongs to him. It should stand to reason, then that we shouldn't do anything to harm what doesn't belong to us
10:50 Boat2015 Trying to pull a mainstream card to make more money. :P
10:50 Jdude420 well, maybe one good song
10:50 Boat2015 Lecrae is decent
I've heard him
10:50 Obi the LEGO Fan Tattoos don't have to damage your body if you do it with professionals in sanitary conditions. Tattoos are works of art
10:51 Mishkaiel get a tattoo, and waite a few years
it'll become ugly, and the chemicals will seep into your skin
10:51 Derpulse Pokemon (derp)
10:51 Mishkaiel plus, tattoos are associated with the world, and Christians shouldn't be associated with the world
now to music
10:52 Derpulse Clothes are also associated with world (derp)
10:52 Mishkaiel Piano Guys I like, but I won't listen to some of their songs
10:52 Obi the LEGO Fan Darn nudists.
10:52 Mishkaiel well, God made the first clothes ;p
10:52 Obi the LEGO Fan The Piano Guys don't even have lyrics, dude :P
how can their songs be bad
10:52 Derpulse O/
10:52 Mishkaiel it's the beat, style, and way they play some of their songs
10:53 Obi the LEGO Fan (fp)
10:53 Jdude420 PER OBI :P
10:53 Obi the LEGO Fan (fp)
10:53 Legofrodo12 XD
10:53 Jdude420 dear mother
oh crap
(FW) x infinity
sorry bro
10:53 Boat2015 How does the beat affect anything? :P
10:53 Obi the LEGO Fan I'm sorry, but I can't take you seriously any more.
10:53 Legofrodo12 Yet Mish plays Skyrim...
10:53 Mishkaiel ok, people, turn in your Bibles to II Opinions 4:5. It says "Thou shalt not listen to Rock Music" (UD)
I don't play Skyrim anymore
10:54 Legofrodo12 As of when, two nights ago? :P
10:54 Riolu777 I guess Mish just now admitted that it's his opinion that most music is morally wrong
10:54 Mishkaiel will you people give me a chance to explain what I believe, why I believe it? Please? (UD)
10:54 Riolu777 so there we go
10:55 Mishkaiel cause you're not doing that (UD)
10:55 Legofrodo12 test
10:55 Riolu777 Mish, you've "explained" this many times on LMBW chat already.
10:55 Derpulse (Aol)
Let's all dance (aol)
10:55 Riolu777 People understand your position on most issues because you can't stop talking about most issues.
10:55 Mishkaiel no, cause every time I say something, you ask another question, and won't let me finish what I'm saying
10:56 Riolu777 If you want us to slow down, then okay... :P
10:56 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish, you are free to. However, I cannot take someone seriously who thinks that certain styles, beats, or rhythms of music are bad without lyrics
10:56 Derpulse *stylishly beats out some rhythmn* [h]
10:56 Madkatmaximus Ikr obi
Three-19-14 has gone home to rethink their life...
10:57 Derpulse *rhythm
10:57 Obi the LEGO Fan It's simply a fact that no coherent moral philosophy can be used to demonstrate that those styles/beats/rhythms are wrong.
10:57 Mishkaiel The Devil is the master liar, and is has successfully deceived millions throughout the ages, using every resource he can. Since music is so important, don't you think he would use that too?
10:58 Madkatmaximus It would be like putting a parental advisory label on a completely instrumental album. :p
10:58 Boat2015 How can the devil use instrumental classical music to manipulate people? :P
How does that have any affect on you as a human? :P
10:58 Derpulse Ozzy Osborne said the devil used him (derp)
10:58 Boat2015 Listening to someone play a sweet piano tune isn't gonna make me go out and start killin people. :P
10:58 Derpulse *Obourne
10:58 Mishkaiel exactly, and how does rock music make one feel?
10:58 Jdude420 Per Obi, Per Rio, per Klint.
10:59 Mishkaiel all hyped up, jumpy.. etc
10:59 Jdude420 I listen to AC/DC some....
10:59 Boat2015 Anything can do that to you Mish
It's what you take pleasure in
10:59 Obi the LEGO Fan James 4:7: Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
10:59 Jdude420 Never felt like doing something wrong.
Well, except maybe speed, but that's a whole 'nother topic. :P
per Obi :P
10:59 Boat2015 Tru dat Ob
10:59 Legofrodo12 Rock makes me happy. =D
11:00 Vonness11` I thought you said 'Rick'
11:00 Obi the LEGO Fan The devil has no power over us if we trust in Christ, and certainly we can safely listen to music
11:00 Derpulse ROCK MAKES ME ROCKY :D
11:00 Jdude420 per Obi
although, I mean, there is "bad" music
11:00 Derpulse *Rocky music plays*
11:00 Mishkaiel do you honestly think that music which is not honoring to God can be safe?
11:00 Jdude420 like stuff that talks about doing drugs
11:00 Derpulse *Rocky as in the boxer, not the style*
11:00 Jdude420 out-of-marraige sex
11:00 Mishkaiel think about it for a moment.
principles, people
11:00 Jdude420 but to listen isnt like instint condemnation to hell
11:00 Mishkaiel Christian Rock
why do I think it's bad?
11:00 Jdude420 just something i wouldnt advise doing
11:01 Vonness11` So everything not honoring God is sinful?
11:01 Madkatmaximus Because it's generic and horrible
11:01 Mishkaiel yes Von
11:01 Jdude420 it sounds too worldy, mish :P
11:01 Vonness11` Is LEGO honoring to God?
11:01 Jdude420 and per mad
11:01 Derpulse XD
11:01 Obi the LEGO Fan yes, we can safely listen to even bad music, although it's not necessarily a good idea.
11:01 Boat2015 Nice one, Von. :P
* Boat2015 high-fives Von
11:01 Mishkaiel if you don't use Lego badly, then yes
11:01 Vonness11` * Vonness11` returns the high five C:
11:01 Boat2015 Same goes for music
And pretty much anything else. :P
11:01 Vonness11` ^ :p
11:02 Madkatmaximus brb I need to clean my cache this thing is lagging like heck
Haven't done so since September
11:02 Obi the LEGO Fan Now, listening to profane, sexist, homophobic, racist songs, etc., is not good if you're doing it for entertainment
since Paul tells us to focus on the good, true, beautiful, etc.
but the Piano Guys' songs are definitely beautiful :D
WizemanII has joined the chat. Say 'hello' everyone! :3
11:03 Jdude420 per Obi :P
11:03 Derpulse O/
11:04 WizemanII I had a major glitch ;P
11:04 Jdude420 well, not necessarily profane :P
depends on the profanity
11:04 Obi the LEGO Fan Also, even music with questionable lyrics can be beautiful :P
11:04 Jdude420 shit I don't have a problem with in music
11:04 Derpulse G-g-g-gl-glitching!
11:04 Jdude420 at all
11:04 Boat2015 Well, Jdude. :P
11:04 Jdude420 per Obi :P
11:04 Boat2015 Nice use of language there. :P
11:04 Riolu777 Like Crystal Castles. (sie)
11:04 Jdude420 ikr
11:04 Obi the LEGO Fan wait, what language is allowed in this chat
11:04 Madkatmaximus Jdude swore
11:04 Jdude420 :P
11:04 Obi the LEGO Fan :P
11:04 Legofrodo12 BAN JD :'D
11:04 Madkatmaximus =o
11:04 Obi the LEGO Fan can I swear
11:05 Riolu777 But even then their lyrics aren't that questionable for the most part
11:05 Madkatmaximus =)
11:05 Obi the LEGO Fan Yeah, Rio, most of them are fine
11:05 Vonness11` that's the only 'swear' I've seen allowed here :p
11:05 Boat2015 Jdude es admen
11:05 Jdude420 depends on what obi :P
11:05 Obi the LEGO Fan the d and h words mainly :P
11:05 Jdude420 its not officially allowed, rys :P
11:05 Vonness11` ah (derp)
11:05 Jdude420 gogs would kick someone for saying it :P
11:05 Obi the LEGO Fan Then why do you use it
11:05 Jdude420 i just dont give a ---- :P
ew, obi
11:06 Mishkaiel there is scarcely a single function of the body which cannot be affected by musical tones. music can change metabolism, affect muscular energy, raise or lower blood pressure, and influence digestion. Many studies have found that rock music has a decidedly negative effect on the body, and that this effect stems directly from the rhythm itself rather than the lyrics.
11:06 Obi the LEGO Fan Hell is much more sophisticated than sh*t :P
11:06 Jdude420 id rather say f--- than d or h
because gogs is non-existant
and i like
never see him
11:06 Obi the LEGO Fan Really?
11:06 Boat2015 Why. :P
11:06 Mishkaiel The effects of rock music on the human body can be categorized in two groups, mental and physical. The mental effects include poor coordination, memory loss, emotional disorders, and brain damage; and the physical effects can be as mild as hormonal imbalance and addiction or as severe as immune disorders and premature death.
11:06 Obi the LEGO Fan Jdude, f--k is more offensive, so I don't use it around other people :p
11:06 Jdude420 yes :P
ive explained my ood stance :P
11:06 Legofrodo12 Goggs isn't anti-swearing though. (derp4)
11:06 Boat2015 My parents wouldn't freak out at me using hell or damn as they would if I said f---. :P
11:06 Jdude420 because i feel saying damn and hell is misusing terms that apply to something only God can do
11:06 Vonness11` ...mish
11:06 Jdude420 Well, duh, I'd never say f--k. :P
11:06 Mishkaiel the rhythm of the rock music produces a lack of coordination whereas the rhythm of the classical music increased the student’s coordination.
11:07 WizemanII this is rude talk (fw)
11:07 Vonness11` I listen to rock and metal like every day, and my coordination is fine :p
And my memory has always been bad before I started listening to music
11:07 WizemanII I have to go to bed so cya O/
11:07 Mishkaiel Many studies have demonstrated that rock music causes emotional and behavioral disorders. Most of them have tended to place the blame on the language used in the lyrics of the songs; but in a 1989 journal entry, two scientists, Wanamaker and Reznikoff, tested this theory by playing the lyrics of the aggressive songs with softer rhythms and vice versa. They found that the intensity of the emotional disorders paralleled the intensity of the rock rhythm regardless of the lyrics.
11:07 Boat2015 I never use language around anyone other than close friends because I would get in lots of trouble for using it. :P
11:07 Jdude420 That can be true, in SOME cases, Mish.
11:07 Boat2015 And even then, I do not use the f word. ;P
:P *
Or c word. :P
11:07 Obi the LEGO Fan Jdude: I disagree, obviously, since I use damn and hell, but okay :P
Derpulse has gone home to rethink their life...
11:08 Boat2015 Everyone here uses the n word casually. :P
11:08 Jdude420 Yeah, I know, it's wierd Obi. :P
11:08 Boat2015 Well, not "gger". :P
11:08 Jdude420 *wierd
I've never met someone with the same view point. :P
11:08 Boat2015 "igga" is a verrrrry common term. :P
11:08 Jdude420 test
ug lag
whihc n word? :P
11:08 Obi the LEGO Fan I'm white, so I can't use it, Klint :P
11:08 Riolu777 I would never use the n word, b word, or c word.
11:08 Boat2015 I am too. :P
11:08 Jdude420 black people refer to other black people with the n-word, lol
11:09 Boat2015 White people here use it almost just as casual as blacks do. :P
11:09 Obi the LEGO Fan Which b word, Rio?
11:09 Boat2015 I've used the b word multiple times. :P
11:09 Jdude420 bit--, rio? :P
11:09 Boat2015 Most of it was directed at my dog though. :P
11:09 Vonness11` n-word is the one I use the least out of all of them :p
11:09 Boat2015 Who just happens to be a female. :P
It's fun to say even though it could be offensive. :P
11:09 Legofrodo12 :P
11:09 Boat2015 I just like doing it. :P
11:09 Jdude420 :P
11:09 Madkatmaximus I've never used the N word before and I don't intend to
11:10 Obi the LEGO Fan Same, Mad
11:10 Legofrodo12 I never cuss ever. (derp4) Just sayin'. (derp4)
11:10 Jdude420 i just find bit-- and fu-- to be crude, honestly :P
11:10 Mishkaiel The Christian who truly wishes to please God with his music must learn to recognize the defiling presence of the rock rhythm. To do this, he must learn how to count time in the song and how to read music. He must be able to recognize the natural downbeats in order to detect the unwelcome emphasis on the backbeat.
11:10 Jdude420 me too, mad :P
11:10 Boat2015 I've never said the n word but a lot of my friends do. :P
11:10 Jdude420 test
11:10 Mishkaiel you people are ignoring me
my time here is being wasted, then
11:10 Madkatmaximus Yes
11:10 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish: where exactly did you get that information?
11:10 Jdude420 Yes, we are Mish.
11:10 Legofrodo12 Mishy, what do you say to ragtime?
11:10 Madkatmaximus we are
11:10 Boat2015 My family is anti-swearing though so I never use any language around them. :P
11:10 Jdude420 That ship has sailed.
Kydle has gone home to rethink their life...
11:11 Mishkaiel I told you that I have researched this for years
11:11 Legofrodo12 Ragtime is syncopated.
11:11 Boat2015 Even though I have heard my dad say the d word. :P
When he was really mad. :P
11:11 Mishkaiel some ragtime is ok
11:11 Vonness11` Mish, quite honestly, I don't believe you.
11:11 Obi the LEGO Fan Yeah, but it's super easy to use flawed sources
11:11 Jdude420 I wasn't allowed to say crap, dang, darn, heck, ect. :P
now I can slyly use crap :P
11:11 Mishkaiel I expected that, Von
11:11 Obi the LEGO Fan Jdude: same
I got in trouble for dang
11:11 Jdude420 heck is/was still banned
11:11 Boat2015 And Indi told someone to F themselves on an online game about 3 years ago. :P
11:11 Riolu777 yeah, bit--
WizemanII has gone home to rethink their life...
11:11 Boat2015 She claims it was testing something. :P
11:11 Obi the LEGO Fan now I can use crap, and fricking/freaking :P
11:12 Vonness11` Here's the thing, Mish, you don't act 18, and you certainly don't act like a person who's actually researched this stuff.
11:12 Legofrodo12 O.o
11:12 Jdude420 I would honestly rather say shit than darn, dang, heck, ect. :P
11:12 Boat2015 I can use crap, dang, freaking, pretty much anything except the actual swears. :P
11:12 Legofrodo12 I"ve always been able to say dang xD
11:12 Mishkaiel a lot of people don't like me because of my stand in music. And I've lost many friends over that. And I expect to lose more.
11:12 Boat2015 I can use the term "pissed off" as well. :P
11:12 Jdude420 I avoid frick, not quite allowed there yet. :P
11:12 Riolu777 Klint. :|
11:12 Jdude420 I do say frak IRL around people a lot. :P
11:13 Boat2015 I never use frak or frick. :P
11:13 Jdude420 Frak and crap are my common ones. :P
11:13 Boat2015 I do not understand how it is any different than freaking. :P
11:13 Jdude420 my parents would shoot me lint :P
11:13 Boat2015 It sounds almost the same. :P
11:13 Mishkaiel @obi, the proof and evidence is there, you just have to look at it and believe
11:13 Vonness11` (YS)
11:13 Legofrodo12 Lint xD
11:13 Obi the LEGO Fan I like the sound of fricking better than freaking, personally
11:13 Madkatmaximus wth
11:13 Jdude420 Because I mean it as a nerd referance to BSG. :P
11:13 Vonness11` same, obi :p
11:13 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish: I just asked you to show it to me
11:13 Jdude420 *reference
Me too, Obi. :P
11:13 Boat2015 I keep my online life and real life VEEEERY separate. :P
11:14 Obi the LEGO Fan I am not going to "just believe"
based on a few comments some random kid online made
11:14 Madkatmaximus Amen obi
11:14 Boat2015 We need actual sources, Mish. :P
Legit sources. :P
11:14 Jdude420 my parents can barely use a pc, klint :P
11:14 Mishkaiel the material I share with you comes from years of research, from dozens of books, plus the influence of several pastors, plus through reading the Bible
11:14 Boat2015 Not you, or some website
11:14 Jdude420 my personality is pretty much the same online and irl
ToneTyphoon has joined the chat. Say 'hello' everyone! :3
11:14 Boat2015 I'm not as wild IRL. :P
I'm reasonably calm and collected. :P
11:15 ToneTyphoon Spooooookeh scureh skeletons
11:15 Mishkaiel very well.
11:15 Vonness11` :p
11:15 Mishkaiel this is goodbye then
11:15 Vonness11` Good.
11:15 Jdude420 i actually range from slightly more insane to slightly more collective irl :P
11:15 Madkatmaximus Von
11:15 ToneTyphoon ok, what did I miss?
11:15 Obi the LEGO Fan The Bible is silent on rock music. You're only point is that rock music may be unhealthy, and for that you need scientific proof
11:15 ToneTyphoon fill me in
11:15 Vonness11` yES
11:15 ToneTyphoon OOOOOOH
11:15 Boat2015 Online I'm a bit different because I like using the internet to express my comedic interests. :P
11:15 Madkatmaximus How the hell do you clear cache on kindle
11:15 Mishkaiel ever since I joined the wiki, I have been insulted, attacked, etc.
11:15 Jdude420 im logging, tone :P
11:15 Vonness11` I have no idea, Mad xD
11:15 ToneTyphoon oh joy :P
Riolu777 has gone home to rethink their life...
11:15 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish, I'm not insulting you.
11:15 Madkatmaximus Oi
11:15 Obi the LEGO Fan I just want you to back up your claims with evidence
11:16 Mishkaiel I started out on the MBs, and to there I shall go back
read the Bible and interpret it correctly
11:16 Obi the LEGO Fan actual warrants, not vague appeals to authorities that cannot be substantiated
11:16 Jdude420 That's because you can't express your opinions as facts, Mish, and a lot of people haven't insulted or attacked you - simply asked for evidence or disagreed with you.
11:16 Mishkaiel if you want me, you'll know where to find me. message me on my homepage
11:16 Vonness11` So your opinion is "correct" because you say so?
11:16 Boat2015 People disagreeing with you is a part of life you will have to get used to. :P
11:16 Mishkaiel they are not my opinions
11:16 Vonness11` PROVE IT, KID.
11:16 Mishkaiel they are things I've researched
11:16 Obi the LEGO Fan I have read the Bible, and it doesn't say a darn thing about something that was invented hundreds of years after it was written
11:16 Jdude420 "read the Bible and interpret it correctly" Sorry, but that is a terrible assertion to make.
Riolu777 has joined the chat. Say 'hello' everyone! :3
11:17 Boat2015 I don't really know how sheltered you were, but not everyone agrees 100% with what you and your parents believe. :P
11:17 Jdude420 still opinions Mish
11:17 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish: It's your opinion if you believe it :P
11:17 Jdude420 anyhow
11:17 Boat2015 Annnd you will learn that very quickly if you get out in the real world. :P
11:17 Jdude420 i really gotta sleep
11:17 Mishkaiel goodbye people, I am done with this.
11:17 Boat2015 I need to go to bed as well. :P
11:17 Obi the LEGO Fan bye!
11:17 Jdude420 5:45 'll be here in no time
11:17 Boat2015 I have a 7 hour drive to FL tomorrow
11:17 Jdude420 fun chatting with ya'll tho
11:17 Mishkaiel if you want to talk to me, then message me on my homepage
I shall not be returning to any chat
11:17 Madkatmaximus gnite Jdude
11:17 Boat2015 For my parents anniversary. :P
Gonna be fun. :P
11:17 Obi the LEGO Fan If you ever find that evidence, go ahead and post it for me
11:18 Jdude420 cool, klint :P
11:18 Mishkaiel I will
11:18 Legofrodo12 Bye JD
11:18 Mishkaiel I will go to my pastor, and ask him for verses
11:18 Jdude420 if anything exciting happens log :P
11:18 Boat2015 Obi, if you do write that thingymadoodle, make sure to email it to me. :P
I would indeed like to read it. :P
11:18 Jdude420 me too klint
11:18 Obi the LEGO Fan Verses don't discuss rock music, I mean peer-reviewed scientific journals please
11:18 Riolu777 YES OBI SAME
11:18 Boat2015 Email is, don't forget it, Obi. :P
11:18 Mishkaiel you'd rather trust man than the Bible
11:18 ToneTyphoon "Annnd you will learn that very quickly if you get out in the real world. :P "
11:18 Obi the LEGO Fan Only after it's graded
11:18 ToneTyphoon I love how you said "If" Klint
11:18 Vonness11` /nowhere/
11:19 Mishkaiel principles, people
11:19 Obi the LEGO Fan Mish: Now you are insulting me, and trying to put words in God's mouth.
11:19 Boat2015 I made sure to include that after a frightening PM I just had with Jdude, Tone. :P
11:19 ToneTyphoon XD
11:19 Jdude420 It is scientifically proven though that milk cows produce better while classical music is playing. :P
11:19 Boat2015 * Boat2015 high-fives Jdude
11:19 Mishkaiel no, I read what you said and that's what it sounded like you said
11:19 Jdude420 Per Obi. :P
11:19 Obi the LEGO Fan If you want to prove that rock music is unhealthy, then you need scientific proof, Mish. Isn't that pretty obvious?
11:19 Vonness11` If you took a lot of verses out of context, yeah, the Bible probably says something against rock music, but only because you took it out of context.
11:19 Riolu777 Mish, this is a new low. You're alienating people from CHRISTIANITY.
11:19 Vonness11` ^
11:19 Riolu777 oops autocorrect
11:19 Jdude420 And Rock Music makes them agitated, but that's not really surprising. :P
i was leaving, wasnt i?
11:20 Vonness11` yup :p
11:20 Jdude420 frakking addicting chat
11:20 Boat2015 I'll catch you guys again sometime. We need to have more chats like this more often. :P
11:20 Mishkaiel @obi, I've shared links to scientific sites
11:20 Jdude420 ITS LIKE COCAINE
11:20 Mishkaiel no, I'm leaving, because you people are attacking me
11:20 Jdude420 per klint :P
11:20 Boat2015 This was actually interesting compared to the last conversations we've at here. :P
11:20 Madkatmaximus no one's attacking you
11:20 Mishkaiel and if you aren't then it sure feels like you are
11:20 Boat2015 had*
11:20 Jdude420 ^^
11:20 Obi the LEGO Fan Where?
11:20 Vonness11` Stop victimizing yourself, please.
11:20 Jdude420 @klint and mad
11:20 Madkatmaximus what von said
11:20 Mishkaiel really? 5 people against me
11:21 ToneTyphoon uh-huh
we just think you're wrong
11:21 Obi the LEGO Fan Quote a single attack on you, Mish.
You're the one who attacked me
11:21 Mishkaiel I didn't attack you
11:21 Boat2015 I'm not against you, I just do not agree with your "principles" the way you do. :P
11:21 Obi the LEGO Fan by saying I value mens' words over God's
Mishkaiel you siad you'd prefer scientific journals, not verses
11:21 Legofrodo12 brb finding cocaine. (as)
11:22 Vonness11` /Because no verses speak out against rock music/
11:22 Obi the LEGO Fan No, I said since the verses are silent on that issue, and it is an issue of science, we need scientific journals
11:22 Boat2015 anyways peace
11:22 Obi the LEGO Fan You cannot prove that rock music is unhealthy without science :P
11:22 Legofrodo12 Cocaine. =)
11:22 Mishkaiel this is an issue of principles found in the Bible
11:22 Vonness11` I haven't read the whole Bible, but I'm certain no verses say "Rock music damages your mind and gives you disorders"
11:22 Obi the LEGO Fan No, it's not. The principles do not extend to rock music unless you have the science to prove that rock music is unhealthy
11:22 Mishkaiel I already did
11:22 Obi the LEGO Fan I have read the whole Bible, and rock music is not in it
Where are the links you shared?
11:23 Mishkaiel I linked you scientific sites that said that rock was unhealthy
11:23 Legofrodo12 OOPS WRONG LINK XD
11:23 Obi the LEGO Fan Where?
11:23 Legofrodo12