[04:34] <Jdude420> I need to spam, must spam, can't spam, but I must, where must I go, need to spam, can't spma.
[04:34] <Normfrog> 
[04:34] <Normfrog> I am fixing Chomre. :{P 
[04:35] <Gordax> Why did I just mouth a sentence in a German accent? :P 
[04:35] <Riolu777> Hmm. That SunshineLover1 person is on LMBW chat.
[04:35] <Normfrog> I did? 
[04:35] <Normfrog> :{P 
[04:35] <Jdude420>
[04:35] <Jdude420> *
[04:36] <Riolu777> Im still suspicious of her/him.
[04:36] <Riolu777> OH JOY. :P 
[04:36] <Normfrog> ? ;{P 
[04:36] <Jdude420> :O 
[04:36] <Normfrog> :{P 
[04:36] <Normfrog> The bot is working! :D 
[04:37] <Gordax> Yaaay, new Chrome wallpaper!
[04:37] <Gordax> So pwetty. :3 
[04:37] <Normfrog> I will change its save time to one minute rather than one hour later. :{P 
[04:37] <Jdude420> JK.
[04:37] <Jdude420> :P 
[05:56] <Goggles99> DANGer
[05:56] <Goggles99> Fail... :P 
[05:56] <Normfrog> I think (swipeiscool) is a cool mob, how about you guys? :P 
[05:56] <Paperclip8707> I don't know too much about Pokemon :O 
[05:56] <Paperclip8707> Even though I watched the TV show everyday for 3 years :P 
[05:56] <Normfrog> 
[05:56] <Normfrog> ;p 
[05:57] <Goggles99> Everyone refresh please
[05:58] <CLFWBOT> The bot will not. :{P 
[05:58] <Goggles99> Oh ok :) 
[05:58] <Goggles99> Thats fine
[05:58] <Goggles99> Ok watch this guys
[05:58] <Goggles99> CLFWBOT
[05:58] <Chipika123> Goggles, why did you kick CLFWBOT?
[05:58] <CLFWBOT> What is I was at school when you kicked the bot? 
[05:59] <CLFWBOT> *if
[05:59] <Goggles99> So he didn't have to refresh 
[05:59] <Goggles99> CLFWBOT
[05:59] <Goggles99> CLFWIKIBOT
[05:59] <Normfrog> But what would happen if I was at school when you kicked the bot? 
[05:59] <Goggles99> Its not working...
[05:59] <Goggles99> Huh? idk Norm? What?
[06:00] <Normfrog> I would not be able to restart the bot. 
[06:00] <Normfrog> So please, do not kick the bot unless it is destroying chat. 
[06:00] <Goggles99> Huh
[06:00] <Goggles99> I dont follow
[06:01] <Normfrog> If you kick the bot while I am at school, I will not be at home to restart the bot. 
[06:01] <Goggles99> Thats fine
[06:01] <Goggles99> We dont need to record chat all the time
[06:01] <Goggles99> It will just take up space on the wiki
[06:01] <Goggles99> We need as much free data as possible
[06:01] <Goggles99> Refresh now please
[06:02] <Goggles99> CLFWBOT
[06:02] <Goggles99> There
[06:02] <Goggles99> It looks good actually!
[06:02] <Goggles99> (y) 
[06:02] <Normfrog> Umm, that would sorta be good idea to always log chat. What if there was a racist or whatever when the bot was kick and I was at school and you left the chat right after for whatever reason, then there would be no CM to ban and no logs for evidence. 
[06:03] <Normfrog> Besides, I doubt wikia will be measuring how much space we take up and delete our wiki if we take up a lot of room. 
[06:03] <Goggles99> The only place I have ever been to that has constantly logged their chat is LUWIKI
[06:03] <Goggles99> And they have a lot more traffic than us
[06:04] <Normfrog> But what if no bots nor CM were here and the amount of users exploded. 
[06:04] <Goggles99> That never happens
[06:04] <Normfrog> And what reason is there to not monitor chat? 
[06:04] <Normfrog> Wikia will not be mad if we take up a lot of space. 
[06:04] <Goggles99> People usually only come here when I or Jdude invite them
[06:05] <Chipika123> Sometimes we come here on our own.
[06:05] <Chipika123> There's always a reason to log chat.
[06:05] <Normfrog> I forget how I found the wiki. :{P 
[06:05] <Goggles99> Oh...
[06:05] <Normfrog> Goggles99 , how did I find the wiki? (thinking) 
[06:05] <Goggles99> Well if you think so Chippy :) 
[06:05] <Chipika123> What if a spammer gets on chat, and no one's able to stop it?
[06:05] <Goggles99> True
[06:05] <Goggles99> It just seems a lot of bother for a slim possibility :S 
[06:06] <Chipika123> And maybe someone might get on chat and use profanity.
[06:06] <Goggles99> But if Chippy thinks its a good idea, go ahead Norm (y) 
[06:06] <Normfrog> Accutally, there is more bother to kick the bot at all then to leave it alone when emotes are changed. 
[06:07] <Goggles99> You could have just refreshed it
[06:07] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:07] <Normfrog> But what if I was at school? 
[06:07] <Goggles99> You weren't
[06:07] <CLFWBOT> plz dont kick me tnks
[06:07] <Normfrog> ;p 
[06:07] <Normfrog> But what if I was? 
[06:08] <Chipika123> What if we went to save the world from aliens?
[06:08] <Chipika123> And there was no one to watch chat?
[06:08] <Normfrog> We would still have the bot, unless it was kicked and I was at school. 
[06:09] <Goggles99> Relax Norm
[06:09] <Goggles99> You weren't at school
[06:09] <Goggles99> I knew you were because you were talking to me
[06:09] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:09] <Goggles99> And besides
[06:09] <Goggles99> If I kicked
[06:09] <Goggles99> That would mean I was not at school
[06:09] <Goggles99> And hence, I would be able to log it back on to chat
[06:09] <Goggles99> (y) 
[06:10] <Normfrog> But what if your computer exploded right after you kicked? 
[06:10] <Goggles99> Then I would be dead
[06:10] <Chipika123> And what if an alien abducted all the computers in your house? 
[06:10] <Normfrog> Err, what about just melted? 
[06:10] <Goggles99> Then I would die from the poisonous fumes
[06:11] <Normfrog> What if your computer broke right after you kicked? 
[06:11] <Goggles99> @: Chippy, Then I would offer the aliens cookiez and make dem my fwendz :3 
[06:11] <Goggles99> What if you stopped asking so many questions? :P 
[06:11] <Chipika123> Then I would get off the chat.
[06:11] <Normfrog> Answer my questions. 
[06:11] <Goggles99> Make me
[06:12] <Goggles99> :3 
[06:12] <Goggles99> Im too lazy right now
[06:12] <Normfrog> What is that code sherman accidently found that will crash the chat when entered into console? 
[06:12] <Normfrog> ;p 
[06:12] <Goggles99> Is that a threat?
[06:13] <Goggles99> (nerd n) 
[06:13] <Normfrog> It is a joke. :{P 
[06:13] <Goggles99> Ok (nerd n) 
[06:13] <Normfrog> Set (nerd n) to be jdude's emote. :{P 
[06:14] <Goggles99> No I had a better emote for him :P 
[06:14] <Goggles99> It looks like him irl too
[06:14] <Normfrog> What is it? 
[06:14] <Goggles99> (do not use me) 
[06:14] <Normfrog> o_O 
[06:14] <Goggles99> Kidding...
[06:14] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:15] <Normfrog> Didn't he say he wears glasses IRL? If so, would (nerd n) not be a better emote? 
[06:15] <Normfrog> ;p 
[06:15] <Goggles99> As I said
[06:15] <Goggles99> I was kidding
[06:15] <Goggles99> The emote I have for him does have glasses
[06:15] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:15] <Normfrog> What is it? :{P 
[06:16] <Normfrog> I am looking into the Raspberry Pi for our chat bot. :{P 
[06:17] <Chipika123> I'm looking at WAM. :P 
[06:18] <Goggles99> Rasberry whatnow?
[06:19] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:19] <Normfrog>
[06:20] <Goggles99> You want to buy that?
[06:20] <Goggles99> :O 
[06:20] <Normfrog> At one point the webmaster pleaded, "Guys – can you please stop hitting F5 on our website quite so often? You're bringing the server to its knees."
[06:20] <Normfrog> :{P 
[06:20] <Normfrog> USD 35 is rather cheap. :{P 
[06:21] <Goggles99> Haha
[06:21] <Normfrog> ? :P 
[06:22] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[06:23] <Goggles99> Whut?
[06:23] <Goggles99> Yes?
[06:23] <Goggles99> (watch) 
[06:23] <Goggles99> Hello?
[06:23] <Chipika123> Hi Goggles
[06:24] <Arya Elf> ETST
[06:24] <Arya Elf> What is the CLFW bot?
[06:24] <Arya Elf> D: 
[06:24] <Normfrog> .It logs chat. ;p 
[06:24] <Normfrog> I operate it. 
[06:25] <Chipika123> With his mind
[06:25] <Normfrog> Would you like to report an error? 
[06:25] <Normfrog> :P 
[06:25] <Chipika123> I would like to report an error. :P 
[06:25] <Normfrog> ? :P 
[06:25] <Goggles99> Hi Chippy!
[06:25] <Goggles99> Hi Arya!
[06:25] <Goggles99> Whats ETST?
[06:25] <Normfrog> EST? 
[06:25] <Chipika123> Your bot needs a haircut. :P 
[06:25] <Chipika123> Electronic Technical Suitability Test. :P 
[06:25] <Normfrog> It has no hair. :{P 
[06:26] <Chipika123> Well, it needs to get a haircut. :P 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> XD
[06:26] <Arya Elf> Private chat with CLFWBOT
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> Arya Elf
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> Chipika123
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> CLFWBOT
[06:26] <Arya Elf> Away
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> Goggles99
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> Normfrog
[06:26] <Arya Elf> Private Messages
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> CLFWBOT
[06:26] <Arya Elf> Away
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 
[06:26] <Arya Elf> 10:25
[06:26] <Arya Elf> CLFWBOT
[06:26] <Arya Elf> ERROR BLAH
[06:26] <Arya Elf> Um...
[06:26] <Arya Elf> This is creepy!
[06:26] <Arya Elf> :P 
[06:27] <Chipika123> Let's show the bot how to do the flop! :P 
[06:27] <Arya Elf> And ETST is test spelled weird!
[06:27] <Arya Elf> OH YAYZ!
[06:27] <Arya Elf> Yes, Chippio!
[06:27] <Arya Elf> :D 
[06:27] <Arya Elf> D: 
[06:27] <Arya Elf> WHO CHANGED THAT EMOTE???
[06:27] <Normfrog> ? 
[06:27] <Normfrog> We updated our emotes today. 
[06:28] <Arya Elf> D: 
[06:28] <Arya Elf> But...
[06:28] <Chipika123> We ddi?
[06:28] <Chipika123> *did
[06:28] <Arya Elf> I liked the other ":D" better!
[06:28] <Arya Elf> D: 
[06:28] <Arya Elf> At least we have the " D: ".
[06:28] <Arya Elf> It's the best!
[06:28] <Arya Elf> (XD) 
[06:28] <Normfrog> I hate the old ":D" emote. :{P 
[06:28] <Arya Elf> WHAT!?
[06:28] <Arya Elf> D: 
[06:28] <Normfrog> *hated
[06:29] <Arya Elf> You're evil...
[06:29] <Arya Elf> D: 
[06:29] <Arya Elf> OH!
[06:29] <Goggles99> NORM
[06:29] <Arya Elf> OH!
[06:29] <Chipika123> Evil? Where?!
[06:29] <Arya Elf> OH!
[06:29] <Normfrog> ? 
[06:29] <Arya Elf> Guess what!
[06:29] <Goggles99> The old ":D" was epic!
[06:29] <Arya Elf> LD
[06:29] <Arya Elf> * :D 
[06:29] <Goggles99> :D is creepy as heck
[06:29] <Normfrog> :D 
[06:29] <Arya Elf> IKR?
[06:29] <Normfrog> :D = Epic
[06:29] <Arya Elf> Guess what!
[06:29] <Goggles99> It makes me cringe
[06:30] <Arya Elf> Yes.,
[06:30] <Arya Elf> It's evil.
[06:30] <Arya Elf> BTW, Gog,
[06:30] <Arya Elf> I love your avvi!
[06:30] <Chipika123> Quick, someone call Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!
[06:30] <Arya Elf> Arya Elf 
[06:30] <Arya Elf> Gog...
[06:30] <Chipika123> We must save Bikini Bottom!
[06:30] <Arya Elf> you still haven't changed it!
[06:30] <Arya Elf> D: 
[06:30] <Goggles99> O_O 
[06:30] <Goggles99> OH!
[06:30] <Goggles99> Im sorry!!
[06:30] <Goggles99> >.<
[06:31] <Goggles99> I totally forgot
[06:31] <Arya Elf> XD
[06:31] <Goggles99> Let me change it right now!
[06:31] <Arya Elf> Make sure to do the Nalu one too!
[06:31] <Normfrog> CLFWBOT
[06:32] <Chipika123> CLFWBOT, answer the call!
[06:32] <Chipika123> Save imagination!
[06:32] <Goggles99> Nalu?
[06:33] <Arya Elf> Just put it as that.
[06:33] <Arya Elf> It's Lucy/natsu.
[06:33] <Arya Elf> *Natsu
[06:33] <Normfrog> Minecraft Style! :3 
[06:33] <Arya Elf> It's like Rexoka.
[06:33] <Arya Elf> Or however you spell the abomination.
[06:33] <Arya Elf> Sorry.
[06:34] <Arya Elf> I don't like Ahsoka.
[06:34] <Arya Elf> :P 
[06:34] <Goggles99> Ooh ok
[06:34] <Chipika123> gtg
[06:34] <Goggles99> Lucy from Narnia?
[06:35] <Normfrog> Bye ckip. o\ 
[06:36] <Chipika123> To Narnia, away!
[06:36] <Chipika123> o/ 
[06:37] <Goggles99> Norm?
[06:37] <Goggles99> Norm?
[06:37] <Goggles99> Link me to the pic for that emote for CLFWBOT again please?
[06:38] <Normfrog>
[06:38] <Normfrog> You could have dragged the emote to a new tab you know. :P 
[06:39] <Goggles99> Meh
[06:39] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:39] <Goggles99> Thank you
[06:39] <Normfrog> :P 
[06:42] <Goggles99> Arya?
[06:42] <Goggles99> Arya
[06:42] <Goggles99> Elf
[06:42] <Goggles99> Arya Elf 
[06:43] <Normfrog> Arya Elf 
[06:46] <Goggles99> Woww....
[06:46] <Goggles99> Mara looks...fat :S 
[06:46] <Goggles99> Oh well
[06:46] <Goggles99> Guess she had a few extra Star Wars cheeseburgers :P 
[06:48] <Normfrog> brb
[06:49] <Arya Elf> EPIC!
[06:49] <Arya Elf> Thanks, Goggy!
[06:49] <Normfrog> Back. 
[06:50] <Normfrog> The bot will auto-log soon! :D 
[06:50] <Goggles99> You're welcome Arya!
[06:50] <Goggles99> Sorry that I forgot about it!
[06:50] <Goggles99> >.<
[06:50] <Arya Elf> (Nalu)
[06:50] <Arya Elf> Hmm,
[06:50] <Goggles99> (lucynatsu)
[06:50] <Arya Elf> it appears as...
[06:50] <Goggles99> OH...that ones not working...
[06:50] <Arya Elf> Hmm.
[06:50] <Arya Elf> :P 
[06:51] <Arya Elf> Thanks for changing my emote, though!
[06:51] <Arya Elf> :D 
[06:51] <Arya Elf> YAY!
[06:51] <Arya Elf> You changed it back!
[06:51] <Arya Elf> :D 
[06:51] <Arya Elf> You're the best ever, Goggy!
[06:51] <Normfrog> Arya Elf 
[06:51] <Normfrog> o_o 
[06:51] <Goggles99> (XD) 
[06:51] <Goggles99> No problem!
[06:52] <Goggles99> I really needed it changed back too... o_o 
[06:52] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:52] <Goggles99> Arya?
[06:53] <Goggles99> Norm?
[06:53] <Goggles99> Anyone?
[06:53] <Arya Elf> :P 
[06:53] <Arya Elf> Yeah?
[06:54] <Goggles99> Arya PM
[06:54] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:55] <Normfrog> ? 
[06:55] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[06:55] <Goggles99> Yea man?
[06:56] <Goggles99> Oh!
[06:56] <Goggles99> Right
[06:56] <Goggles99> Whatcha doin?
[06:56] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:56] <Normfrog> Looking up a good dead for the Raspberry Pi. 
[06:56] <Goggles99> Mmk
[06:56] <Goggles99> Aren't you the guy how taught me how to chat nuke back in the day??
[06:56] <Goggles99> :P 
[06:57] <Normfrog> IED
[06:57] <Normfrog> IDK
[06:57] <Normfrog> I will test the character limit. 
[06:57] <Arya Elf> XD
[06:57] <Normfrog> :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P PI
[06:57] <Arya Elf> XD
[06:58] <Normfrog> Yeah, the character limit is broken. :{P 
[06:58] <Normfrog> Chat nuking works again! :{P 
[06:58] <Goggles99> o_o 
[06:58] <Goggles99> Yay!!
[06:58] <Goggles99> Its like the old days!!
[06:58] <Normfrog> Shall I test a full nuke? 
[06:58] <Goggles99> Good times good times...
[06:58] <Goggles99> Nah
[06:58] <Goggles99> Not today
[06:59] <Normfrog> :( 
[06:59] <Goggles99> Me and Jdude are supposed to look somewhat responsible these days :P 
[07:00] <Normfrog> Goggles99 , shall I test in PM with you? :{P 
[07:00] <Goggles99> Noo!
[07:00] <Goggles99> Too much lag (XP) 
[07:01] <Normfrog> TIME TO CRASH BOT
[07:02] <Arya Elf> (Nalu)
[07:02] <Arya Elf> Yay!
[07:02] <Normfrog> OK, the character limit is only sorta broken. 
[07:02] <Arya Elf> (Dance) 
[07:02] <Arya Elf> It is???
[07:02] <Arya Elf> :D 
[07:02] <Arya Elf> Can I post as much as I want?
[07:02] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:03] <Goggles99> Go for it XD
[07:03] <Goggles99> Since theres only 3 people in chat
[07:04] <CLFWBOT> I nearly just nuked chat. 
[07:04] <CLFWBOT> I quit the chat before it coudl finish. 
[07:04] <CLFWBOT> *could
[07:05] <Goggles99> Cograts on self-control there BOT
[07:05] <Goggles99> (clap) 
[07:05] <Normfrog> BOT
[07:05] <Normfrog> BOT
[07:05] <Normfrog> BOT
[07:05] <Normfrog> :{P 
[07:07] <Arya Elf> -41672
[07:07] <Arya Elf> That was how far I was over the character limit.
[07:07] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:07] <Normfrog> Looking at the lego universe wiki makes me want to cry. 
[07:07] <Normfrog> :( 
[07:07] <Normfrog> (crys) 
[07:07] <Normfrog> (cry) 
[07:07] <Normfrog> (crying) 
[07:08] <Normfrog> (tear) 
[07:08] <Normfrog> (tears) 
[07:08] <Normfrog> Hallo. o/ 
[07:08] <Arya Elf> Yay!
[07:08] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:08] <Normfrog> Are you new here? 
[07:08] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:08] <Arya Elf> I dunno.
[07:08] <Arya Elf> I linked him.
[07:08] <Arya Elf> He's a good friend.
[07:08] <Tatoranaki> o/ Moi? Oui je suis nouveau. :P Me? Yes, I am new. :P 
[07:08] <Normfrog> YAY, new member. 
[07:08] <Arya Elf> (XD) 
[07:08] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:08] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:08] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:08] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:08] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:08] <Arya Elf> XD
[07:08] <Normfrog> Are you there? 
[07:09] <Arya Elf> Arya Elf 
[07:09] <Arya Elf> MEEEEEEEEEE!
[07:09] <Arya Elf> :D 
[07:09] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:09] <Normfrog> Ping
[07:10] <Arya Elf> XD
[07:10] <Goggles99> Yup!
[07:10] <Goggles99> Im here!
[07:10] <Goggles99> And I dont have pings
[07:10] <Goggles99> Unless you message me at gmail
[07:10] <Goggles99> :P 
[07:10] <Normfrog> Can we have a twitter and facebook for the wiki? 
[07:11] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:11] <Arya Elf> XD
[07:11] <Arya Elf> Yay!
[07:11] <Arya Elf> We should.
[07:11] <Arya Elf> Then I could like it.
[07:11] <Arya Elf> :3 
[07:11] <Arya Elf> :p 
[07:12] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:13] <Tatoranaki> :P 
[07:16] <Goggles99> Hahahaha
[07:16] <Normfrog> ? 
[07:16] <Goggles99> Why would we do that Norm? :P 
[07:17] <Normfrog> Make the wiki popular. 
[07:17] <Arya Elf> XD
[07:18] <Goggles99> Umm
[07:18] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:18] <Goggles99> I dont think that will work
[07:18] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:18] <Arya Elf> Arya Elf agrees.
[07:18] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:18] <Goggles99> Most people here aren't even on FB
[07:18] <Arya Elf> I am...
[07:18] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:18] <Goggles99> Let alone Twitter
[07:19] <Arya Elf> Augh,
[07:19] <Goggles99> I know you are Arya :P 
[07:19] <Arya Elf> XD
[07:19] <Goggles99> I said "most" people
[07:19] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:19] <Normfrog> So, we could get new people from twitter and facedbook. 
[07:20] <Arya Elf> XD
[07:20] <Arya Elf> Facedbook?
[07:20] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:20] <Arya Elf> (XD) 
[07:21] <Goggles99> XD
[07:21] <Goggles99> (fw) -book
[07:21] <Normfrog> Is that yes or no? 
[07:21] <Goggles99> Its a no
[07:21] <Goggles99> Who will even run it?
[07:21] <Goggles99> You need to update twitter constantly
[07:21] <Normfrog> Me? The admins? 
[07:21] <Goggles99> The website itself doesn't even get updated constantly
[07:22] <Normfrog> When you say "the website", you mean the wiki, this place? 
[07:24] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:27] <Normfrog> 
[07:31] <Goggles99> This place is the wiki!
[07:31] <Goggles99> :P 
[07:32] <Normfrog> 
[07:32] <Normfrog> So, please? 
[07:33] <Goggles99> No sir
[07:33] <Goggles99> Thank you for the offer though :) 
[07:33] <Arya Elf> XD
[07:33] <Normfrog> :( ;p 
[07:33] <Normfrog> ;p 
[07:33] <Normfrog> AHHHH
[07:33] <Normfrog> WHY ISNT ;P WORKING
[07:34] <Normfrog> :D 
[07:34] <Normfrog> AHHH
[07:34] <Normfrog> Did you revert the edit to the emotes or something? 
[07:34] <Arya Elf> Yes!
[07:34] <Arya Elf> :D 
[07:35] <Normfrog> COULDNT YOU JUST FIX ":D"? D: 
[07:36] <Goggles99> Huh?
[07:36] <Arya Elf> He did.
[07:36] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:36] <Goggles99> Oh!
[07:36] <Goggles99> No
[07:36] <Normfrog> And you broke ;p 
[07:36] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:36] <Goggles99> I reverted all of Jdudes crazy edits to to Emotes :P 
[07:36] <Goggles99> Oh sorry :( 
[07:36] <Arya Elf> XD
[07:36] <Goggles99> I'll add that one back
[07:36] <Goggles99> BUT
[07:36] <Arya Elf> I like it that way though!
[07:36] <Normfrog> Couldn't you only fix ":D" but keep the others? 
[07:36] <Goggles99> We do NOT need emotes of Djokovich's face plastered about our Chat (uh huh) 
[07:36] <Normfrog> Yes we do. :P 
[07:36] <Arya Elf> Who's that?
[07:37] <Goggles99> No, some of the others were pointless
[07:37] <Goggles99> Its a tennis player apperently
[07:37] <Goggles99> :P 
[07:37] <Goggles99> We also need to get rid of sausage face! 
[07:37] <Normfrog> Can't you get back the fixed version of (fw) 
[07:37] <Goggles99> :{P 
[07:37] <Goggles99> ^must die
[07:37] <Normfrog> :{P was here before jdude
[07:37] <Goggles99> I know
[07:37] <Goggles99> Fixed version?
[07:37] <Goggles99> Theres a fixed version?
[07:38] <Goggles99> Show me?
[07:38] <Goggles99> I can add it
[07:38] <Goggles99> (y) 
[07:38] <Normfrog> I fixed the tranparency in (fw) , you reverted it. 
[07:38] <Normfrog> And you are going to remove " :{P " anyway? 
[07:39] <Arya Elf> Because it's lame.
[07:39] <Normfrog> I am asking goggles99 
[07:39] <Goggles99> What the girl with the lightsaber said^
[07:39] <Goggles99> :P 
[07:39] <Normfrog> It is being removed? 
[07:39] <Goggles99> No no...I wold not rob you of your little pet
[07:39] <Arya Elf> XD
[07:39] <Goggles99> I was just being mean
[07:39] <Goggles99> (XP) 
[07:40] <Arya Elf> BRB
[07:40] <Goggles99> I know how you do love that emote Norm :P 
[07:40] <Normfrog> I am threatening to fork! :P 
[07:41] <Normfrog> Goggles99 
[07:41] <Goggles99> Huh?? :P 
[07:42] <Normfrog> 
[07:42] <Goggles99> How come all you americans are up so late??
[07:42] <Goggles99> (XD) 
[07:42] <Goggles99> Brb!
[07:45] <Tatoranaki> That's a good question... :P 
[07:46] <Normfrog> 
[07:47] <Arya Elf> Um,
[07:47] <Arya Elf> Gog?
[07:47] <Arya Elf> Are you not American?
[07:49] <Arya Elf> :S 
[07:49] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:49] <Normfrog> I think he is from Australia. 
[07:51] <Arya Elf> Ah.
[07:51] <Arya Elf> :P 
[07:51] <Arya Elf> Silly Aussie. :P 
[07:52] <Normfrog> Tricks are for kids! :P 
[07:54] <Arya Elf> (Thinking) 
[07:54] <Arya Elf> Whjat??
[07:55] <Normfrog> :P 
[07:56] <Tatoranaki> She... left?
[07:56] <Normfrog> :P 
[07:56] <Normfrog> Yes. 
[07:56] <Normfrog> Only me, a bot, and you now. 
[07:57] <Normfrog> The bot should log chat soon. 
[07:57] <Tatoranaki> Hmm.
[07:58] <Normfrog> I am typing a response to your PM. 
[07:58] <Normfrog> Hallo. o/ 
[07:58] <Arya Elf> OHNO!
[07:58] <Normfrog> 
[07:58] <Normfrog> ? 
[10:30] <Normfrog> \
[10:34] <Normfrog> 
[10:37] <Normfrog> 
[10:37] <Normfrog> 
[10:37] <Normfrog> 
[10:37] <Normfrog> 
[10:37] <Normfrog> 
[10:38] <Goggles99> Hello!
[10:38] <Goggles99> /o 
[10:39] <Normfrog> Hallo. o/ 
[10:39] <Normfrog> 3:39 AM PST
[10:39] <Normfrog> :S 
[10:39] <Normfrog> Want to debate anything? 
[10:39] <Goggles99> Lol !
[10:39] <Goggles99> Sure
[10:39] <Goggles99> Go for it :) 
[10:40] <Normfrog> What do you want to debate. 
[10:40] <Normfrog> *? 
[10:40] <Goggles99> Im fine with whatever
[10:41] <Goggles99> (y) 
[10:41] <Goggles99> You choose
[10:41] <Normfrog> IDK what to debate, you choose. :P 
[10:41] <Goggles99> Neither do I!
[10:41] <Goggles99> (XD) 
[10:42] <Goggles99> I never choose the subjects :P 
[10:42] <Goggles99> I just join in
[10:42] <Goggles99> Lol 
[10:42] <Normfrog> Do you have a Roblox? 
[10:42] <Goggles99> Yup
[10:43] <Normfrog> Really? 
[10:43] <Goggles99> Yes
[10:43] <Normfrog> What username? 
[10:43] <Goggles99> I played it with you
[10:43] <Goggles99> I dont remember
[10:43] <Goggles99> Lol 
[10:43] <Normfrog> You did? 
[10:43] <Goggles99> Yep!
[10:43] <Normfrog> :S 
[10:43] <Goggles99> You invited me
[10:43] <Goggles99> We blew stuff up with C4
[10:43] <Goggles99> And made a boat thing :P 
[10:43] <Normfrog> We did? 
[10:43] <Goggles99> Yea!
[10:43] <Normfrog> :S 
[10:43] <Normfrog> I forget that. 
[10:43] <Goggles99> Np
[10:43] <Normfrog> So you forget your username? 
[10:43] <Goggles99> It was fun though :P 
[10:43] <Goggles99> Yeah
[10:43] <Goggles99> Hey
[10:44] <Goggles99> What kinda music you like?
[10:44] <Normfrog> :P 
[10:45] <Goggles99> Lol no XD
[10:45] <Goggles99> Seriously
[10:45] <Goggles99> WHat genres?
[10:45] <Goggles99> :P 
[10:46] <Normfrog> Parody
[10:46] <Normfrog> :P 
[10:46] <Goggles99> Serious? :P 
[10:46] <Goggles99> Wow
[10:46] <Goggles99> I like dubstep :) 
[10:46] <Normfrog> :P 
[10:46] <Goggles99> Ohey!
[10:46] <Normfrog> ? 
[10:46] <Goggles99> Lets have a debate about
[10:47] <Goggles99> Candy :P 
[10:47] <Goggles99> (y) 
[10:47] <Normfrog> ? :P 
[10:47] <Normfrog> I hate rock. 
[10:47] <Goggles99> Why not?? :P 
[10:48] <Goggles99> Oh rock?
[10:48] <Goggles99> You mean the music?
[10:48] <Normfrog> Yes. 
[10:48] <Goggles99> Yah its not for everyone
[10:48] <Normfrog> I hate rock and roll. 
[10:48] <Goggles99> Well rock and roll is technically 50's rock music I think
[10:48] <Normfrog> It makes me sad, angry, and depressed at the same time. :S 
[10:48] <Goggles99> Wow! :O 
[10:48] <Goggles99> Not a good combination :S 
[10:49] <Goggles99> I wouldn't wanna be around you after you had listened to some rock music for an hour :P 
[10:49] <Normfrog> I particularly hate heavy metal rock. 
[10:49] <Goggles99> Ahh I see
[10:49] <Normfrog> Anyway, if you forget your username, wouldn't it be a good idea to make a new account? :P 
[10:49] <Goggles99> Nahh
[10:50] <Goggles99> I prefer Minecraft :P 
[10:50] <Normfrog> You have a Minecraft? 
[10:51] <Goggles99> Yup
[10:51] <Normfrog> Username? 
[10:52] <Goggles99> No :P 
[10:52] <Normfrog> You are not telling me? :P 
[10:53] <Goggles99> Its not that
[10:53] <Goggles99> I just dont have one :P 
[10:53] <Normfrog> You do not have a Minecraft? 
[10:54] <Goggles99> I do!
[10:54] <Goggles99> Its...complicated :P 
[10:54] <Goggles99> Lol 
[10:54] <Normfrog> Explain. :{P 
[10:54] <Goggles99> Subject change?
[10:54] <Goggles99> Lets have a debate
[10:54] <Normfrog> No subject change, explain. :P 
[10:55] <Goggles99> No :{P 
[10:55] <Normfrog> Why not? :{P 
[10:56] <Goggles99> Because its complicated
[10:56] <Goggles99> And I'd rather not say
[10:56] <Normfrog> Why not? :{P 
[10:56] <Normfrog> Fine. 
[10:56] <Goggles99> Nvm why
[10:56] <Goggles99> Lol 
[10:56] <Normfrog> What do you want to debate? 
[10:56] <Normfrog> And why can you not say? :{P 
[10:57] <Goggles99> I want to debate something awesome
[10:57] <Goggles99> Actually
[10:57] <Goggles99> Just ask me something
[10:58] <Normfrog> Anything? :{P 
[10:58] <Goggles99> Anything
[10:58] <Goggles99> And I will answer it
[10:58] <Goggles99> 100%
[10:58] <Normfrog> What is that thingy with your Minecraft that is complicated? :{P 
[10:58] <Goggles99> I guarantee it
[10:58] <Goggles99> Because some people may consider it wrong
[10:59] <Goggles99> Now ask me something entirely different and unrelated
[10:59] <Goggles99> :P 
[10:59] <Normfrog> Consider it wrong? 
[10:59] <Normfrog> :S 
[10:59] <Normfrog> Hacking? 
[10:59] <Goggles99> Not essentially
[10:59] <Goggles99> Now
[10:59] <Normfrog> Bribing? 
[10:59] <Goggles99> Subject change please
[10:59] <Goggles99> Bribing?!
[10:59] <Goggles99> No?!
[11:00] <Normfrog> IDK
[11:00] <Normfrog> :{P 
[11:00] <Goggles99> Where did that come from??
[11:00] <Goggles99> Lol !
[11:00] <Normfrog> SOrry, I will change the subject now. 
[11:00] <Normfrog> 9Sorry
[11:00] <Normfrog> *Sorry
[11:00] <Goggles99> yay!
[11:00] <Normfrog> Why do you think of the forwards to egg sheep? :{P 
[11:01] <Normfrog> *What
[11:01] <Goggles99> Oh
[11:01] <Goggles99> Well my political principles require me to support that
[11:01] <Goggles99> (y) :) 
[11:01] <Normfrog> :P 
[11:01] <Goggles99> (XD2) 
[11:02] <Normfrog> 
[11:02] <Normfrog> :P 
[11:02] <Normfrog> That guys is my fwiend. :{P 
[11:02] <Normfrog> *guy
[11:02] <Goggles99> Cant watch that
[11:02] <Goggles99> Sorry
[11:03] <Goggles99> :P 
[11:03] <Normfrog> :P ]
[11:03] <Normfrog> What do you think of war? 
[11:04] <Goggles99> Hmm
[11:04] <Goggles99> What about it?
[11:04] <Normfrog> In general. 
[11:05] <Goggles99> Sad
[11:05] <Goggles99> :P 
[11:05] <Goggles99> Very sad
[11:05] <Normfrog> Explain. :P 
[11:06] <Goggles99> Explain what?
[11:06] <Normfrog> Your position on war. :P 
[11:06] <Goggles99> My position?
[11:06] <Goggles99> Australia
[11:06] <Normfrog> :P 
[11:06] <Goggles99> Unless I move overseas eventually
[11:06] <Goggles99> Which I hope to :P 
[11:07] <Normfrog> What would happen if there were two users on chat and they were in countries that declared war with each? 
[11:07] <Normfrog> To where? :P 
[11:07] <Goggles99> Well...
[11:07] <Goggles99> It depends on the people :P 
[11:07] <Goggles99> If they were very proud and opinionated
[11:08] <Goggles99> Then absolute choas would happen
[11:08] <Normfrog> Banings? :P 
[11:08] <Goggles99> But if they were caring and tolerent
[11:08] <Goggles99> Nothing much I suppose...just awkwardness between them
[11:08] <Goggles99> :P 
[11:08] <Goggles99> Bannings?
[11:08] <Goggles99> No IDTS
[11:08] <Goggles99> Lol 
[11:08] <Normfrog> IDTS? :S 
[11:08] <Goggles99> I dont think so!
[11:09] <Goggles99> :P 
[11:09] <Normfrog> No bannings in the case of choas? :P 
[11:10] <Goggles99> Oh...
[11:10] <Goggles99> Yeah
[11:10] <Goggles99> Probably
[11:10] <Goggles99> We would have to be pretty careful how we went about it though
[11:10] <Normfrog> Goggles99 Unless I move overseas eventually
[11:10] <Normfrog> Which I hope to :P 
[11:10] <Normfrog> 4:07 Normfrog 
[11:10] <Normfrog> To where? :P 
[11:11] <Goggles99> XD
[11:11] <Goggles99> Who knows :P 
[11:11] <Goggles99> Somewhere nice
[11:11] <Goggles99> Hopefully
[11:11] <Goggles99> :) 
[11:12] <Normfrog> Do not move to the United States. I live here, and it is fairly bad. :P 
[11:13] <Goggles99> Lol ok
[11:13] <Goggles99> Note taken
[11:13] <Goggles99> :P 
[11:13] <Goggles99> Well hey
[11:13] <Goggles99> I gtg
[11:13] <Normfrog> ?
[11:13] <Normfrog> Bye. o\ 
[11:13] <Goggles99> I'll seeya later Normie!
[11:13] <Goggles99> /o 
[11:13] <Goggles99> Bye!
[11:14] <Goggles99> Take care!
[11:14] <Normfrog> o\ 
[11:14] <Goggles99> Thanks for chattin
[11:49] <CLFWBOT> Weird...
[11:49] <CLFWBOT> Im doing this all the wrong way...
[11:52] <Normfrog> 
[11:52] <CLFWBOT> Hello?
[11:53] <Normfrog> ? 
[11:53] <Goggles99> Back
[11:53] <Goggles99> Back
[11:53] <Normfrog> ?
[11:53] <Goggles99> Lol 
[11:54] <Goggles99> Hello bot!
[11:54] <Goggles99> Do a trick!
[11:54] <Goggles99> :D 
[11:55] <CLFWBOT> Tricks are for kids. 
[11:55] <Goggles99> :( 
[11:55] <Goggles99> (mre) 
[11:55] <Goggles99> I am a kid!
[11:56] <CLFWBOT> How so? 
[11:56] <CLFWBOT> Goggles99 
[11:56] <Goggles99> Because I am
[11:56] <Goggles99> :P 
[11:57] <Goggles99> I dont have pings
[11:58] <Normfrog> I thought you put those scripts in? 
[11:58] <Normfrog> How old? 
[11:58] <Normfrog> Are you homeschooled? 
[11:58] <Normfrog> Grade? 
[11:58] <Goggles99> Yep I am homeschooled
[11:58] <Goggles99> No I dont have those scripts in
[11:59] <Goggles99> They never work for me
[11:59] <Goggles99> Idk why
[11:59] <Normfrog> They worked when you logged in as the bot? 
[11:59] <Normfrog> How do you enter chat with the scripts? 
[12:01] <Goggles99> ....
[12:01] <Goggles99> Good point...
[12:01] <Goggles99> Lol 
[12:01] <Goggles99> Norm?
[12:01] <Normfrog> Enter chat from the sidebar and clear cache? 
[12:01] <Normfrog> ? 
[12:01] <Goggles99> Are you ok with jdude and I taking over your bot?
[12:02] <Normfrog> In such a way that I cannot log into the bot? 
[12:02] <Goggles99> No
[12:02] <Goggles99> I just mean decided when it is used
[12:02] <Goggles99> *deciding
[12:02] <Goggles99> How it is used
[12:02] <Goggles99> etc
[12:02] <Goggles99> Isn't that what you wanted anyway?
[12:02] <Normfrog> What do you mean? Why would we not operate the bot all the time? 
[12:03] <Goggles99> I'll talk to Jdude about it
[12:03] <Goggles99> We might not want it running all the time
[12:03] <Normfrog> Why not though? 
[12:03] <Goggles99> Waste?
[12:03] <Goggles99> Idk
[12:03] <Goggles99> I'll talk to Jdude about it
[12:04] <Goggles99> Most of the day this chat is empty anyway
[12:04] <Goggles99> Lol 
[12:04] <Normfrog> Wikia does not punish us for having a massive chat log... 
[12:04] <Normfrog> If we hosted ourselfs, maybe. But wikia pays the server bill and does not punish us for having a large chat log. 
[12:05] <Goggles99> True
[12:05] <Goggles99> But we dont need all those extra pages floating around right?
[12:05] <Goggles99> What would that achieve?
[12:05] <Goggles99> Why not just use it when we need it?
[12:06] <Normfrog> If nobody is in chat, it will not generate a log. If there are people in chat, they could be breaking chat rules and the logs would server as evidence. 
[12:06] <Normfrog> *serve
[12:07] <Normfrog> And if you are worried about it clogging up wiki activity, we could get wikia to apply the bot tag to the bot so it will not appear there. 
[12:08] <Goggles99> But
[12:08] <Normfrog> If nobody is in chat, it will not generate a log. If there are people in chat, they could be breaking chat rules and the logs would server as evidence.
[12:08] <Normfrog> *serve
[12:08] <Normfrog> And if you are worried about it clogging up wiki activity, we could get wikia to apply the bot tag to the bot so it will not appear there. 
[12:08] <Normfrog> Gah
[12:08] <Normfrog> ?
[12:08] <Goggles99> Nobody ever breaks rules here
[12:08] <Goggles99> :P 
[12:08] <Normfrog> If nobody breaks rules, then why have a bot at all, why have chat moderrators at all, why have admins at all? 
[12:09] <Goggles99> Admins?
[12:09] <Goggles99> I have admins to help me run the wiki
[12:09] <Goggles99> And decide what to do with it
[12:09] <Goggles99> etc
[12:09] <Goggles99> CM's...
[12:09] <Goggles99> People dont break rules BECAUSE we have CM's :P 
[12:09] <Normfrog> But what if a CM is not in chat? 
[12:09] <Goggles99> If we had none, THEN people would brake rules (XP) 
[12:10] <Goggles99> If CM is not in chat, no one else will be
[12:10] <Goggles99> :P 
[12:10] <Goggles99> CM's usually invite people here
[12:10] <Normfrog> I once saw a chat with six people in it and no CM here. 
[12:10] <Goggles99> Once
[12:10] <Goggles99> :P 
[12:10] <Goggles99> And that one time would be good for having Chatbot
[12:10] <Goggles99> But you are not suggesting we run it once
[12:10] <Goggles99> You are suggesting we run it constantly?
[12:10] <Goggles99> :S 
[12:11] <Normfrog> Yes I am. 
[12:11] <Goggles99> Nyeh
[12:11] <Goggles99> Idk
[12:11] <Goggles99> I will talk to Jdude about it
[12:11] <Goggles99> (XP) 
[12:11] <Normfrog> It generates no logs when nobody chats, if people do chat, they might be breaking the rules, and we can have the bot tag to make it not appear in wiki activity, 
[12:12] <Goggles99> I know I know
[12:12] <Normfrog> And if we set it to log every minute, we will need that bot tag. 
[12:12] <Goggles99> Nah not every minute
[12:12] <Goggles99> Theres also another reason not to have it
[12:12] <Normfrog> ?
[12:38] <Normfrog> Bye. o\ 
[12:38] <Goggles99> o_o 
[12:38] <Goggles99> Why did you leave??
[12:38] <Goggles99> :( 
[08:03] <Jdude420> *Lol.
[08:03] <Jdude420> I can understand that. :P 
[08:03] <Jdude420> I;ll have to go tho all the emots and add the important ones then. :P 
[08:03] <Jdude420> *I'll
[08:04] <Normfrog> Add them all. :P 
[08:04] <Jdude420> I'm watching a fairly lame TV atm. :P 
[08:04] <Normfrog> Lets have a vote of the whole wiki on it. 
[08:04] <Jdude420> Good idea. (Blockface) 
[08:04] <Normfrog> CLFWBOT 
[08:04] <Jdude420> Although, I prefer doing things with the consent of no one but myself. :{P :{P :{P 
[08:05] <Jdude420> Gogs clashes wiht that though. :P 
[08:05] <Jdude420> *with
[08:05] <CLFWBOT> Plz dont ban me. 
[08:05] <Jdude420> Hey Bot. o/ 
[08:05] <Jdude420> Could we have commands for Bot Dog? :P 
[08:06] <Jdude420> Like, !Welcome = Hello. o/ 
[08:06] <Jdude420> :P 
[08:06] <Jdude420> Or something. P
[08:07] <Normfrog> Get sherman the mythran to script it. :P 
[08:07] <Jdude420> I'll have to learn to operate it. When I'm less busy. ;P
[08:07] <Jdude420> Hehe. :P 
[08:07] <Normfrog> You just login from side bar with clear cache and it will auto-log
[08:08] <Jdude420> I'll have to figure out how to do that. . . :{P 
[08:08] <Jdude420> I'm so lazy right now, someone slap me. :{P 
[08:08] <Jdude420> I'll have to go soon, Sunday night Church. :P 
[08:09] <Normfrog> Didn't you go to church this morning? :P 
[08:09] <Normfrog> What time is it for you presently? 
[08:09] <Normfrog> 
[08:10] <Jdude420> I did, but my bro has morning and night Church. :P 
[08:10] <Jdude420> 3:10PM
[08:10] <Normfrog> Ah. :P 
[08:11] <Normfrog> Hallo. o/ 
[08:11] <Jdude420> o/ 
[08:11] <Normfrog> Are you scared of bots? 
[08:11] <Normfrog> @wii
[08:12] <Ihaveawiixboxds> No. (YS) 
[08:12] <Normfrog> Do you think that new users would be scared of bots? 
[08:13] <Normfrog> Wii
[08:13] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Nope.
[08:14] <Jdude420> :{P 
[08:14] <Ihaveawiixboxds> :{P 
[08:15] <Normfrog> Jdude420, have you ever witnessed people at LMBW hating the bot? 
[08:15] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I have. :} 
[08:15] <Normfrog> Really? 
[08:15] <Normfrog> What were their reasons for hating the bot? 
[08:16] <Ihaveawiixboxds> The bot watches all. (EVIL)
[08:16] <Ihaveawiixboxds> Srsly? (YS) 
[08:16] <Ihaveawiixboxds> No (EVIL)? 'D:
[08:16] <Normfrog> That was really their reason? 
[08:17] <Normfrog> Was it more their older users or new users? 
[08:18] <Jdude420> brb
[08:18] <Normfrog> Wii
[08:19] <Ihaveawiixboxds> I dunno.
[08:19] <Normfrog> What do you not know? 
[08:19] <Normfrog> (GAH) 
[08:20] <Jdude420> The Bots were being abused to spam. :P 
[08:21] <Jdude420> Multiple bots, and multiple commands. :P 
[08:21] <Normfrog> I will not spam though. 
[08:21] <Jdude420> We shouldn't ahve that issue. . .
[08:21] <Jdude420> *have
[08:21] <Normfrog> I could simply have it not respond to commands and only have one bot, issue solved. 
[08:21] <CLFWBOT> I will not spamz broz. 
[08:22] <Jdude420> :{P 
[08:22] <Normfrog> :P 
[08:22] <Jdude420> I like bots. (XD2) 
[08:22] <Jdude420> Dey fun. :{P 
[08:23] <Normfrog> Jdude420, do you have any objections to running the bot all the time? 
[08:23] <Jdude420> brb
[08:23] <Jdude420> Nope.
[08:26] <Normfrog> OK
[08:29] <Jdude420> gtg