[03:27] <Seaside98> :P 
[03:30] <Jdude420> This outtta be funny xD
[03:30] <Seaside98> yeah :P 
[03:30] <ThroughMyEyes> Funny?
[03:30] <ThroughMyEyes> Take it srsly. :p 
[03:30] <Seaside98> right :P 
[03:30] <Rep'ika> Alright
[03:31] <Rep'ika> Creation Science is ready and my Bible is beside me
[03:31] <Seaside98> this one won't be hard... :P 
[03:31] <ThroughMyEyes> Gitting ready for a debate? :p 
[03:31] <Rep'ika> Yes
[03:31] <Rep'ika> I'll head it up
[03:31] <ThroughMyEyes> Who's got a logger :p 
[03:31] <Seaside98> Welcome Candy!
[03:31] <Jdude420> Im ready
[03:31] <Rep'ika> Welcome
[03:31] <Seaside98> ill get it TME
[03:31] <Jdude420> I got my bible app
[03:32] <Rep'ika> Me too.
[03:32] <Jdude420> And my smart phone xD
[03:32] <Rep'ika> Lolz
[03:32] <Rep'ika>
[03:32] <Jdude420> On wifi :p 
[03:32] <Seaside98> Logger activated :P 
[03:32] <Seaside98> lets get this going :P 
[03:32] <Rep'ika> Ok Cake.
[03:32] <Seaside98> So Candy... 
[03:33] <Rep'ika> You Believe in evolution yes?
[03:34] <ThroughMyEyes> (fp) Guys, (fp) 
[03:34] <Seaside98> :P 
[03:34] <Rep'ika> Yes?
[03:34] <Seaside98> 1st vid just added
[03:35] <Seaside98> im not watching it :P 
[03:35] <Rep'ika> Take it down
[03:36] <Seaside98> what?
[03:36] <Rep'ika> The music video
[03:36] <ThroughMyEyes> Oh and I got a copy of Luke in Hebrew, a copy of Matthew in Arabic, and my Bible opily board game. :} 
[03:36] <Seaside98> ok? why?
[03:36] <ThroughMyEyes> (fp) 
[03:37] <Seaside98> Wait, why Rep?
[03:37] <Seaside98> Nice TME :P 
[03:37] <Cakecandy572> Rep'ika Actually it is not a music vid!
[03:37] <Rep'ika> Dont vids have to be approved?
[03:37] <ThroughMyEyes> :p 
[03:37] <Seaside98> not that i know of
[03:37] <ThroughMyEyes> No they don't :s 
[03:37] <Rep'ika> Cake, do you believe in Evolution?
[03:37] <Seaside98> but if they are innappropriate...
[03:38] <Rep'ika> It is. JD even said so
[03:38] <Rep'ika> Are you public schooled Cake?
[03:38] <ThroughMyEyes> Ho Goggles.
[03:38] <Goggles99> Hello
[03:38] <ThroughMyEyes> He's not gonna answer guys. (uh huh)
[03:38] <ThroughMyEyes> Oh nvm.
[03:38] <Rep'ika> He will.
[03:39] <Cakecandy572> I do now.
[03:39] <Rep'ika> Ok. what do they teach in science class
[03:40] <Seaside98> evolution :P 
[03:40] <Rep'ika> SS, hush
[03:40] <ThroughMyEyes> Freedom of Speech (mre)
[03:40] <Cakecandy572> Humans bodies ,and experimantal desighn thingy!
[03:40] <ThroughMyEyes> Rep don't own chat (mre)
[03:41] <Goggles99> Yo Jay
[03:41] <Rep'ika> But what specifically, Cake?
[03:41] <Cakecandy572> Something about how to make a good experiment ,and we barely started talking about humans bodies.
[03:42] <Rep'ika> What about the origin of them? Have y'all gotten to that yet?
[03:42] <Cakecandy572> Kidneys ,organs, spines ,brains ,and stuff like that.
[03:43] <Caysie98> What's going on here?
[03:43] <Seaside98> Hi cay
[03:43] <Rep'ika> The Origin of Life. Have you guys talked about that yet, Cake?
[03:43] <Caysie98> GOGGY!! :D 
[03:43] <Caysie98> Here you are :P 
[03:43] <Goggles99> Hi Cays
[03:43] <Goggles99> :P 
[03:43] <Goggles99> Yea well it is my wiki
[03:43] <Goggles99> So I am watching these guys closely... -_- 
[03:43] <Cakecandy572> Rep'ika No.
[03:43] <Cakecandy572> 
[03:43] <Rep'ika> I'll behave Gog
[03:43] <Caysie98> Origin of life? I can tell you about that
[03:44] <Rep'ika> Ok then Cake.
[03:44] <Rep'ika> And call me Rep plz
[03:44] <Caysie98> It IS, Goggy? :P 
[03:44] <Goggles99> Yes indeed it is
[03:44] <Caysie98> Cool :P 
[03:44] <Goggles99> Why else would aussie be an emote?
[03:44] <Goggles99> (indeed) 
[03:44] <Seaside98> Girl! :P 
[03:44] <Caysie98> Hey, "cool" is an emote :P 
[03:44] <Goggles99> Indeed
[03:44] <Caysie98> LOL!
[03:44] <BusyCityGirl> 'Ello
[03:44] <Caysie98> Aussie :P 
[03:44] <Goggles99> Hey BCGirl
[03:44] <BusyCityGirl> Hey goggles
[03:44] <Rep'ika> So, Cake, you said your mom was religious?
[03:45] <Cakecandy572> Yes.
[03:45] <Rep'ika> Do you know what religion?
[03:45] <Goggles99> Welcome to CLFW new peeps
[03:45] <Cakecandy572> Yes.
[03:45] <Rep'ika> What religion is she Cake?
[03:45] <BusyCityGirl> Me not new... If that's what you mean. . . :P 
[03:45] <Goggles99> Oh?
[03:45] <Goggles99> You been here before?
[03:45] <BusyCityGirl> yeah :P 
[03:45] <Goggles99> Kewl!
[03:45] <Goggles99> Thanks :P 
[03:46] <BusyCityGirl> just haven't made a page
[03:46] <ThroughMyEyes> pag.
[03:46] <Jdude420> Me invited her xD
[03:46] <ThroughMyEyes> *lag
[03:46] <BusyCityGirl> Well sure! It's a good idea for a wiki. At least for a chat.
[03:46] <BusyCityGirl> Jdude
[03:46] <BusyCityGirl> actually
[03:46] <BusyCityGirl> you weren't the first either..... :p 
[03:46] <Goggles99> Thanks :) 
[03:46] <Jdude420> :P 
[03:46] <Cakecandy572> Something people believe like some people believe in god others believe in Buddah ,and stuff like that!
[03:46] <Rep'ika> Ah
[03:46] <Rep'ika> I'm aware of that
[03:47] <Rep'ika> What do you personally believe, Cake?
[03:47] <Cakecandy572> In Lego!
[03:47] <Cakecandy572> Just kidding!
[03:47] <Caysie98> :P 
[03:47] <Cakecandy572> I don't believe in anything.
[03:47] <Caysie98> Legoism :P 
[03:47] <BusyCityGirl> i like that little smiling emote... it's so.. so joyful looking :) :P 
[03:47] <Goggles99> He believes in little white ponies by the looks of it
[03:47] <Goggles99> Lol thank you
[03:47] <ThroughMyEyes> Guys cut it he's entitled to believe what he likes.
[03:47] <BusyCityGirl> Hey Fax
[03:48] <ThroughMyEyes> Hello Shadow
[03:48] <Seaside98> SF! :) 
[03:48] <Rep'ika> So you're Atheist, Cake? 
[03:48] <Shadowfax123> Hi. :) 
[03:48] <Cakecandy572> Yes.
[03:48] <Goggles99> Hey Faxer
[03:48] <Rep'ika> Ok.
[03:48] <BusyCityGirl> BTW< Nice update to your avvie SS
[03:48] <Seaside98> Thanks! :) 
[03:48] <ThroughMyEyes> *repeats what I saidj
[03:48] <Rep'ika> So what do you believe about God and all that?
[03:48] <ThroughMyEyes> **
[03:48] <Goggles99> TME its fine
[03:49] <Goggles99> Nothing too bad yet has happened
[03:49] <Goggles99> Repika I believe he just answered that did he not?
[03:49] <Rep'ika> Ah'
[03:49] <Rep'ika> Yes
[03:49] <Rep'ika> .....
[03:49] <Seaside98> key word: YET :P 
[03:49] <Rep'ika> Ok