Do you have a heart for the lost souls? 

There is a girl in Billy's class named Sarah. She just moved to America 2 years ago, and she still can't speak very good english. Everyone in his class makes fun of her, teases her, and ocasionally hurts her. 

One Friday morning in class, the teacher leaves the class room to go take care of a situation in the main office. As soon as the door closes, the room turns into a blaze of chaos. Billy watches as his friends, Kara and Alec, walk up to Sarah. "Hi Chinese freak!" Kara taunted. "Where did your mom get your clothes from? The trash can?"

Alec chuckled and then kicked her chair. "It looks like she was born in the trash can."

Billy just stared nervously at them for the next few minutes. Sarah looked terrified. 

After school, Billy went walking to Burger Joint for a quick bite. As he walked pass the grocery store, he spot a girl leaned against the brick grocery store wall with a knife in her hand. She looked strangley familiar, and Billy was wondering why she had a knife in her hand. As you walked up to her, the knife went in her arm. Billy gasped and ran down the side walk, terrified.

The next day, you went to class. Billy noticed that one seat was missing. "Sarah!" he thought. "I wonder why she isn't here today." Billy's thoughts were interupted by your teacher. "Class, I have some sad news." she said blankly. "Sarah will not be coming to this school anymore."

"Why?" Billy blurted out.

"Well," she stuttered. It looked as she was about to burst in tears. "Sarah was found dead at the grocery store last night."

The saddest thing about that story is that Billy never talked to Sarah about Jesus, even though he was a Christian. You have a chance to talk to the lost souls, and you should grip that oppurtunity before it's to late.